Rachel Teichroew, Adv.D.I.D., B.Env.D., Principal Interior Designer at Hammerdown Home Renovations

Rachel Teichroew, Adv.D.I.D., B.Env.D. - Meet our Interior Designer - Interior Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home Renovations
Figure 1 – Rachel Teichroew, 2019

At Hammerdown Home Renovations, we believe interior design services are integral to our clients loving their completed home renovations. While some of the “other guys” hire an interior designer on a project-by-project basis, we feel that having an in-house interior designer as part of our team is essential to our success. Not only is our interior designer part of the project in its initial planning stages, she conducts several reviews throughout the course of the project, and plays a part in supervising the construction. She’s able to help our team understand function and form on a deeper level. If there are changes to the project’s design, she’s able to have the conversation with our client, and make recommendations on the spot. We’re proudly introducing Rachel Teichroew as Hammerdown Home Renovations’ Principal Interior Designer!

Rachel Teichroew shares tips for brainstorming design ideas

Hammerdown’s Principal Interior Designer, Rachel Teichroew, appears on CTV News Morning Live in a segment called “Help for Your Home: Interior design secrets”. She shares tips for brainstorming design ideas – whether you’re starting a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, watch the video to gain insights into the mind of an interior designer.

Who is Rachel Teichroew?

Rachel, our interior designer, was born in the 1980’s and was raised in the Fort Garry neighborhood of Winnipeg. After completing high school, she moved to London, Ontario where she attended Fanshawe College and graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design. Shortly after completing her studies, she made the move back to Manitoba. Her quest for higher education and learning didn’t end. She enrolled in the University of Manitoba in 2013 to study Art History, subsequently transferring to the Environmental Design program in 2016, graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design in 2019. During her post-secondary studies she was the winner of a table building competition at Fanshawe College, on the Dean’s list in the Faculty of Architecture at the U of M, student ambassador in the Faculty of Architecture, and was elected Treasurer for two subsequent terms on the Student Architectural Society. Needless to say, her love for architectural studies runs deep.

Why did she want to be an interior designer?

Throughout junior high and high school, Rachel had a close friend whose mother was an interior designer. What Rachel admired most about this was the nature of the work and she was drawn to the problem-solving aspects. Her friend’s mother worked independently, remodeling homes for profit at a time before this was popular to do so. During her friendship, her friend’s mother would sometimes bring the girls to the home renovation job sites. Having these firsthand experiences is what piqued Rachel’s interest in design. Once interested, Rachel signed up for high school drafting classes in preparation for pursuing an interior design career.

Where does Rachel draw interior design inspiration from?

Meet our Interior Designer - Interior Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home Renovations
Figure 2 – Farnsworth House. Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Roh

Influenced by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, William Morris, and Florence Knoll, among others, Rachel approaches design through simplicity of form, functionality and materiality. Her favorite design styles are mid-century modern and west coast modern inspired by both her favorite designers and her travels. With over a decade of studying design, art, and architectural history she’s aware of the many layers of design and has gained the ability to incorporate past, present and future into her design work. A combination of all these things have greatly influenced her own approach to interior design.

What’s Rachel’s personal style as an interior designer?

While she has a personal style like anyone else, she’s able to design many different types of spaces! So, don’t be afraid of asking for something that she hasn’t suggested to you. As an interior designer she’s trained in a multitude of styles and it’s her job to be able to let each and every one of them shine.

The materials she turns to most often when designing an interior during a home renovation are wood, glass, concrete, steel, and tile. These materials reflect her personal style but also help to focus the space on what really matters – you, the client – while ensuring durability and elegance.

So, what’s Rachel’s personal philosophy as an interior designer?

Perhaps, Rachel puts it best here, “When stepping into a space I can often immediately see where function, space, and aesthetics could be improved. I don’t voice these observations right away, choosing instead to listen to the client’s version of the space and their future requirements. From here I will search for inspirational items based on the client’s needs and wants; I often turn to Pinterest, Instagram, and our material library to get the creative juices flowing before turning to the building code and professional resources to solidify the practical components of the design. I follow a lot of visual design resources including Instagram and Pinterest accounts, online magazines and blogs from professionals in the industry. The key is taking these resources with a grain of salt as the projects on these accounts are often not suited for the Canadian climate, lifestyle, or building code. The role of the designer in these cases is to produce the best design for both the client and the geographical location. Quality is more important to me than quantity. It’s of the utmost importance to me that clients receive quality products and real value.”

Rachel’s thoughts on incorporating function and form into her interior design projects

Meet our Interior Designer - Interior Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home Renovations
Figure 3 – Rendering by Rachel Teichroew, Example of 3D design services

“I like to focus on function and form; however, I always begin with function. It doesn’t make sense to me to provide a space that is ONLY pretty without being functional. Because of this I begin my process focusing on how the space works, how the space will be used, the number of people frequenting the space, etc. before I move on to finishes. But if you have your heart set on a white kitchen – let me know! It’s always nice to have guidance into your design style at the beginning of the process.”

One of my favorite quotes is from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. The true secret to happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

Why does she love her interior designer position at Hammerdown Home Renovations?

Meet our Interior Designer - Interior Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home Renovations
Figure 4 – Rendering by Rachel Teichroew, Example of 3D design services

First, she LOVES residential home renovation projects. For a few years after university she was working in the commercial sector, but she’s so glad she made the switch. Rachel especially likes the aspect of working directly with homeowners. Residential home design is harder because it’s emotional, but the outcome is much more rewarding because of the emotion involved.

One of the benefits of working with Hammerdown Home Renovations is the fact that we now have an interior designer on staff. There are many people who want the privilege of working with a trusted and knowledgeable designer but still have a hard time letting go. As part of Rachel’s mission, she works in collaboration with clients to make them feel as involved as possible. However, it’s always better when clients trust the interior designer and the interior design process. While there is nearly always subjectivity when creativity is involved, Rachel’s spirit and cognisant senses know when she can push the envelope and when to scale back ideas, based around the homeowner’s own personality and tastes.

Ready for our interior designer to help you start your next home renovation project?

Our team would love to be your design-build home renovators. We feel the addition of Rachel as our interior designer gives our team an asset not many other Winnipeg renovation companies can compete with. When you’re ready to start the conversation – call us at 204.793.0500 – use our website to contact us to schedule a consultation. You’ll be glad you did!