Home renovation trends 2019 for kitchen design and bathroom design

We’ve just begun 2019. However, interior designers, home decorators, and home renovation gurus are already predicting this year’s top home renovation trends. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, flip an investment, or just want to breathe new life into your outdated home, check out our top home renovation trends 2019. Also, if you’re interested, check out our predictions from our home renovation trends – 2018 edition!

Home renovation trends 2019 – quartz countertops in warm colors

In years past, kitchen countertops in sterile, cool colors were all the rage. But in 2019, the tide is slowly turning toward warm colors. The warmer color gives the kitchen a homier, more welcoming vibe. Quartz and marble will always be in style, but if you’re looking to add a bit of intimacy and coziness to your kitchen, consider switching to warm tones for your renovated quartz countertops.

Home renovation trends 2019 – big windows for natural light

Open-concept floor plans have been an architectural staple for decades. But along with an open floor plan comes the demand for bigger windows to give the space an airier feel. Plus, all that natural light is sure to cut down on your energy consumption for added eco-friendly points.

Home renovation trends 2019 – light wood floors

Along with the light and airy trend comes the need for light and airy floors. Wood floors in light colors are all the rage for this year. Light floors can really brighten up space and give it a cozier feel. Dark wood floors can make space seem smaller. However, a light-colored floor can open it up and make the area appear larger than it really is.

Home renovation trends 2019 – hands-free technology

Smart home technology has been in around for many years. But in 2019, more and more homeowners are starting to embrace the convenience of hands-free tech for their homes. You don’t have to be a technophile to enjoy all the cool stuff hands-free tech can do. For example, you can remotely turn down your thermostat while everyone is at work or school for the day, saving on energy costs. Remotely turn it back on a half hour before everyone arrives home, so the house is warm and comfortable for everyone’s arrival.

Home renovation trends 2019 – fun spaces!

Vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and whimsical decor are what’s “in” for 2019 home trends. We recommend selecting an area of the home, so it will develop a contrast between the rest of your home. Similar to the idea of ‘feature walls’ in years past.

Home renovation trends 2019 – metallic metals and mixed metals

Think brass backsplashes, burnished cabinets, and metallic paints for your 2019 home renovation if you want to stay on-trend. In combination with ‘fun spaces’ – adding some metal flair or accents can bring an unexpected textural feature to your home.

Home renovation trends 2019 – double islands

Double islands are incredibly popular because they offer extra storage space and give a modern twist to the old-fashioned eat-in kitchen. Just think of the convenience of multiple food preparations and eating area and added counter space you’ll have!

Home renovation trends 2019 – matte appliances

It’s been a constant for the better part of a decade, but when renovating, people are looking beyond stainless-steel finishes. Dark matte appliances give your kitchen a sophisticated look and reduce the appearance of fingerprints.

Home renovation trends 2019 – stylish ceramics and tile

Kitchens with a vintage vibe or a modern one can look refreshed with fashionable and stylish metro tiles. Highly stylized and pattern styles can look great as a focal point or as an accent piece for the kitchen backsplash or a custom tiled shower in the bathroom.

Home renovation trends 2019 – raw materials

On-trend for 2019 are kitchen and bathroom designs which allow natural, raw materials to shine through, like stone, shiplap, and jute. We’re able to work with your existing home’s materials – either by resurfacing or refinishing. Or, we can install new products to give you this look.

Home renovation trends 2019 – statement lighting

Out with the old recessed lighting, and in with pendant lights and lighting fixtures to make a statement and add personality to your home renovation. Recently, we completed the main floor renovation on Forbes Road. In the dining room, we install this inspirational chandelier (see right photo).

Home renovation trends 2019 – vintage vibes with a modern twist

When you incorporate vintage elements with modern twists into your home renovation, the result will be a classic kitchen with a ton of personality. Essentially, we want to create an enticing space for your senses to feast on. Whether it be textures and touch, acoustics, or visuals, through a combination of styles and materials – to form a look that’s uniquely yours.

Are you ready to explore your creativity, and express your unique personality with a home renovation project in 2019? Hammerdown Home Renovations keep our thumbs on the pulse of the industry. We can design the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, turning them into reality. Contact us today or call us – 204.793.0500 – to get started with your customized home renovation project today!

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