Barrier Free Showers, A Modern Bathroom Design

Barrier Free Showers

Open and inviting, barrier free showers are the future of bathrooms. With their elegant and practical design, barrier free showers offer both accessibility for those with mobility issues, and a level of sophistication for those wanting a modern bathroom design.

Barrier Free Showers - Hammerdown Construction - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg
Barrier free shower with a line drain.

Through the use of a Schluter waterproofing shower system and a huge selection of available tile from our suppliers, a barrier free shower offers a flexibility of bathroom design that you simply cannot get with traditional tub and shower installations.

Drain Installation - Hammerdown Construction - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations
Installing tiles and drain in a barrier free shower.

Furthermore, removing the shower barrier will create a harmonious look that will be carried through the entire bathroom. Because large tiles are used, the floor tiles can be extended directly into the shower without the use of curbs. This is the crowning touch on a modern bathroom design.

Line Drain - Hammerdown Construction - Winnipeg Kitchen Design
A completed barrier free shower floor and drain.

Hammerdown team members are trained by Schluter to design and build ADA compliant barrier free showers. Hammerdown are among the few companies in Winnipeg trained and certified by Schluter Systems. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this field are crucial to a successful implementation of a barrier free shower.

Should you consider a barrier free shower?

Looking for an elegant and unique shower design? A barrier free shower may be the right solution for you. Because this is a relatively new concept it is sure to impress.

Having any issues with mobility, or are planning to age in your home?  A barrier free show is an especially relevant investment.

Once you have decided that a barrier free shower is right for you and your home it is time to higher an expert to make this a reality. Make sure to contact Hammerdown today to answer any questions you may have about creating this unique feature in your own home.

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