Warning signs it’s time to complete a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsWondering if it’s time to complete a bathroom renovation? Your bathroom can be a prime space in your home for relaxing. Typically, a bathroom is a tranquil oasis where you can unwind after a long day at work. But, as relaxing and inviting as your bathroom once was, the constant humidity and frequent usage have probably taken a toll on the room, it’s fixtures and décor. If you’ve begun noticing mold and damages, then we encourage you to continue reading. If you’re not yet sure if you need an upgrade, here are some bathroom renovation warning signs to look for and help with your decision.

Before we dive head first, let’s make one thing clear: renovating your bathroom isn’t just about lifestyle. Although, the perfect tile can really spruce up the bathroom renovation and dual sink vanities are in high demand. It also has to do with your happiness and can even have drastic health benefits.

Bathroom renovation warning signs – the “not enough space” debacle

Bathroom renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsIf you are sharing the bathroom with members of the household, then you know how this space can be a touchy subject. Different people use different products and storing them all in an already small bathroom can make this part of your house seem crowded and unorganized. With any bathroom renovation, Hammerdown will recommend ways to utilize the space you have. Through cabinetry with thoughtful storage or closet space that will seamlessly blend with the rest of the bathroom, we will work with you to find the right solutions.

Bathroom renovation warning signs – the décor needs an upgrade

Perhaps, more recently, you did some minor updates to your bathroom. Maybe you were following current trends at the time. Remember, being happy in the space you live in can go a long way toward improving your mood and general happiness. If the simple act of entering your bathroom puts you in a bad mood, it might be time to make some stylish changes and give it a different look.

Hammerdown can facilitate your bathroom renovation or facelift. We have interior designers on staff who will ensure your bathroom renovation matches your personal taste but remains timeless.

Bathroom renovation warning signs – everything is leaking

Bathroom renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsOver time, it’s normal for some leaks and other damages to appear in your bathroom. It’s important to tackle these problems individually – and fix them quickly. Leaving them to pile up will only compound the issue at hand. Eventually, fixing them as they appear can become too overwhelming – at some point, it would be easier to renovate.

Besides potential damage which can be caused by leaky faucets and showerheads or running toilets, these issues also add up on your water bill. If your bathroom has had many issues with leaks in the past, this is a clear bathroom renovation warning sign. Once your bathroom renovation is complete, you’ll end up saving money as Hammerdown replaces fixtures with low-water-consumption versions.

Bathroom renovation warning signs – other visible damage

Does mold greet you every time you enter your bathroom? Is the tile cracked, the bathtub damaged, or is there an unpleasant smell? Is Winnipeg’s hard water permanently staining your sink, bathtub, shower floor or toilet?

Because of the high humidity and tap water, most average bathroom surfaces tend to suffer some degree of damage. Once a surface is damaged it becomes more difficult to clean. This can lead to more germs making your bathroom their home. Ignoring these problems can ultimately affect your health and well-being in a negative way.

Bathroom renovation warning signs – you want to sell

Bathroom renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsNew décor and fixtures can improve the home’s appearance and drive up the property value, should you ever put your home on the market for sale. As covered in our previous articles “Bathroom renovations – what will your return on investment be?” and “Home renovations that will give you the best return on investment” – we see homeowners recover most of their investments in bathroom renovations upon resale.

Bathroom renovation warning signs – you just feel like it

Sometimes, you just want a change. If you feel your bathroom could use an upgrade, then you should go for it. Bathroom renovations can improve your lifestyle and have a positive impact on your mood. Besides the immediate benefits once the bathroom renovation is complete, you’ll be staying ahead of any damages that could have occurred, should you let things slip.

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If you’ve decided that you’re tired of your bathroom and are ready for a change, it’s time to get proactive. At Hammerdown Home Renovations, we’ll do all that it takes to turn your lackluster bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

Contact us today and let’s start working together on your dream bathroom renovation!

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