Bathroom renovations and bathroom remodel misconceptions

We’ve seen and heard it all before – my bathroom is too small to remodel, my bathroom renovations won’t add value to my home, and it looks easy so I’ll do this home renovation myself. With all the misconceptions surrounding bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling projects, you might be asking yourself “why bother” with a professional home contractor?

At Hammerdown we are aware of the misconceptions people have of bathroom renovations – and we know how to avoid the pitfalls. There can be many surprises once you start a project of any size – a bathroom remodel project is no exception. Don’t believe us? Read on to learn more about what to look out for – and our list of misconceptions when renovating your bathroom.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: interior designer not required for a bathroom renovation

Interior Designer - Bathroom renovations and bathroom remodel misconceptions - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Home Renovations by Hammerdown ConstructionThe interior designer has two critical tasks during bathroom renovations:

  1. The obvious; including selecting lighting, tiles, countertops, and other fixtures, so the elements forming your bathroom are aesthetically pleasing
  2. The not so obvious; creating space where there’s no more space to be found. The interior designer can have a significant impact on the bathroom’s functionality, layout appeal, storage space, and the overall feeling of the bathroom

Overlooking details such as this can leave you unsatisfied with any bathroom remodel project. To remedy, Hammerdown ensures their team of interior designers consult on every bathroom renovation project.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: bathroom renovations won’t add value to my home

It is true that bathroom renovations will not offer the same impact on ROI such as other home renovations like a kitchen renovation. However, outside of the kitchen, bathroom renovations can be the next best return on investment room to remodel. As pointed out in our previous article “Home renovations that will give you the best return on investment” we ranked bathroom renovations in at number two, with around 75%-100% of the renovation cost returned upon resale.

Besides the uptick in potential return, not completing bathroom renovations when the room is outdated may end up costing you more than you realize when you sell your home.

The bathroom renovations you complete now could allow you to stay in your home later in life. Our thorough focus on creating accessible living renovations results in a bathroom remodel that typically increases the quality of your life.Storage and Space Solutions - Bathroom renovations and bathroom remodel misconceptions - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Home Renovations by Hammerdown Construction

Finally, even if you’re not looking to sell – why not enjoy your home while you’re there? Some people may blush at this, but many individuals spend a considerable amount of time in their bathrooms. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience each time you step into your home’s bathroom.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: the bathroom renovations won’t change the space drastically

As cited earlier in this article, a bathroom often has limited space and constraints when it comes to the layout. Typically, the toilet, sinks, etc. all are required to be in a specific location. However, our team of contractors, working alongside our interior designers, can come up with unique solutions to achieve the desired functionality.

Many bathroom remodel projects require us to “find space” where there isn’t any available. We’ve come up with innovative solutions for solving the confined space requirements of a bathroom remodel. Some examples are seen on our bathroom renovations page of the website. Specifically, check out our work Dromore or Groveland (Powder Room).

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: updating toilets, sinks, showerheads and other bathroom fixtures aren’t required

Old Fixtures - Bathroom renovations and bathroom remodel misconceptions - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Home Renovations by Hammerdown ConstructionMany homeowners may approach their bathroom renovations looking for ways to reduce the costs. A popular choice is to forego updating the toilet. We recommend against this decision. While your new toilet won’t become a focal point of your bathroom remodel, you will reduce future costs with utility bills by purchasing a water-efficient model.

Bathroom renovations which make use of energy efficient, water-saving, eco-friendly fixtures are expensive and difficult

Other bathroom fixtures are as important to update. Sink and counter space can have a direct impact on usability. Water saving nozzles for your shower faucet can push your utility savings further.

Lighting is likely to appear outdated unless replaced. We are experts in lighting a room, and especially for a small space, this can set the tone. At the same time as you are upgrading, the replacement fixture will help you save on electricity bills.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: bathroom renovations for a small space can’t become ADA compliant for accessible living

Accessible Bathroom Design - Bathroom renovations and bathroom remodel misconceptions - Winnipeg Bathroom Design - Home Renovations by Hammerdown ConstructionIt pays dividends to work with a home renovation contractor, like Hammerdown, who are experts in accessible living renovations. We have the training and know-how to work with the space available to make the most of any situation. Even with a small area to work with, we can squeeze in the things you require. We have experience with barrier-free showers, grab bars optimally positioned for maximum leverage, wall mounted sinks and toilets, slip-resistant flooring and many other features we would be happy to discuss with you in person.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: otherchoices for tile, sinks, showers, lighting aren’t important

Large floor tiles are a must-have

Small tiles get a bad rap. Many people think that large tiles are the only option and using small tiles will make the bathroom look smaller. However, when used appropriately, smaller tiles can accentuate your bathroom renovations.

Installation of vanity lighting should shine from the top

We feel the best representation for vanity lighting, in particular, is to install on each side of the mirror. This is in contrary to popular belief that installation should occur at the top of the mirror.

Pedestal sinks save space

Despite the small sink without counter space, a pedestal sink doesn’t save as much space as most think. We try to avoid pedestal sinks during any bathroom remodel, due to their impracticability. More often than not, we can give our clients a sink with counter space in nearly the same amount of space, through smart design techniques.

Shower enclosures should be transparent

There’s nothing wrong with a glass panel or transparent shower enclosure. However, we want our clients to know there are other options. Many of these options, such as frosted glass or using glass with different artwork or designs, can set your bathroom renovations apart and make the room uniquely yours.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: since the room is small, bathroom renovations are an easy DIY project

At first glance, it may seem like your bathroom renovations is the perfect DIY task for you. However, most bathrooms have complexities beyond what you see on the surface. Behind the walls and under the flooring you’ll find a network of wires and pipes. If you’re making a change in the layout, it’s highly likely you’ll need to move electrical outlets or switches and relocate plumbing. Attempting any of this without experience or training can be dangerous during the process, and remain a hazard even after the work is complete. If not done correctly and to code, it could cause flooding, mold or fire.

If you opt for a contractor, we don’t doubt your friend’s husband’s brother’s uncle does ‘renovating’ and has been referred to you as a ‘cheap’ alternative. Buyers beware – we urge you to do your research and get more than one opinion. Look for past project photos, happy customers, experience, training, awards, and talk to other companies in the industry.

Bathroom remodel misconceptions: all home contractors are created equal

Hammerdown is a one-of-a-kind Winnipeg home renovation company. Our leader, Tyson Hiebert, ensures every client is well-looked after and that any work completed under the Hammerdown name adheres to his standards of workmanship. But don’t take our word for it – just look at what our client have said about us or the awards and accolades we’ve collected throughout our years.

Hammerdown is here to be your guide – and we can work within most budget sizes and constraints. Not sure? Give us a call today, and we will happily discuss potential bathroom renovations with you!

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