In-floor heat & the importance of a qualified installer

Keep your feet warm this winter with in-floor heat in your bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Winnipeg - In-Floor Heating | Hammerdown Home Renovations

Installing a tile floor that will last a lifetime requires extensive knowledge of product and installation techniques. Installing a heat system under a tile floor requires even more expertise. Be wary of renovation contractors that are not trained and certified to be installing in floor heating systems. A heated tile floor is a very expensive and involved installation process, there are many ways for it to be done incorrectly, and once a mistake is made it is often impossible to fix. We came across a situation like this recently during the demolition of our Medinah Kitchen Renovation.

The house was only seven years old, and the builder installed heated floor did not work. In fact it NEVER worked. A mistake was made during installation, and what was supposed to be our clients’ custom dream home, had a non functioning floor heat system. After living with cold tiles for years, Hammerdown was called in to renovate the kitchen. In the process we pulled up the whole floor and heating system.

When we started pulling up the tiles we could immediately see what was likely the cause of the problem. Heat wires are very fragile. They are fine gauge, sensitive wires wrapped in a minimal insulation sheathing to keep them as small as possible. Any tiny nick, cut, or break will cause the whole system not to function. The original tile installer on this home used a bizarre, possibly improvised, system for attaching the wire to the floor. A series of metal strips with sharp teeth were used to hold the wire in place. Each one of these points was a possible place for the wire to be damaged, especially when the installer would be walking on them during the install. There were literally thousands of these tiny possible failure points.

Winnipeg Bathroom Renovation - In-Floor Heating | Hammerdown Home Construction

We use the best in-floor heat system

This is why our crew only uses the best product for heated floors. We use Schluter Systems Ditra Heat exclusively. It is by far the BEST in floor heat system on the market. It is a product we believe in and stand behind %100. More importantly every member of our installation team has been trained by Schluter Systems themselves both in the classroom and in hands on seminars.

Bathroom Renovation Winnipeg - In-Floor Heating | Hammerdown Home Renovations

Hammerdown is a qualified in-floor heat system installer

Our training, certification, and extensive knowledge ensures a properly installed floor heat system.  Our repeated, and diligent, testing of the system through every phase of the installation, ensures a perfectly functioning heated floor, that will last a lifetime.

Winnipeg Bathroom Renovation - In-Floor Heating | Hammerdown Home Construction

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