Home Renovation for your Future Needs

Home Renovation for your Future Needs - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsPart of the fun of being a homeowner is getting to make changes to a home and give it a kick into the future. While no one can predict what’s to come, you can do your best to plan for your future needs. Before you start a home renovation for your future needs, it can help by listing what your needs in the future might be. For those who are looking to renovate soon and need some guidance as to how to plan, our article will assist in the process of defining the plan. Grab a notebook; let’s take this step by step. It’s time to plan your home’s future renovation!

Make a list of home renovation priorities

This list is designed to reveal the items that need to change for the home to function the way a family needs it to. This might include growing a family, becoming empty-nesters, creating new spaces for an at-home business, and the like. This list can also include things that are in dire need of repair or replacement.

Home Renovation for your Future Needs - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsMake a home renovation wish list

When creating this list, consider family wants and desires and maybe a few extra creature comforts that might be on the luxury-side of life. Some wish-list items might be a finished basement, a hobby space for crafting with the kids, heated floors in the master bathroom, or adding crown molding throughout the house.

Things to consider before choosing which home renovation projects

Now that these lists have been created, it’s time to consider a few things before committing to various home renovations. These questions will help identify what projects make the most sense for the home’s future.

How long will the family stay in this home?

The answer to this question will give certain projects more priority and maximize the budget depending on how long the family plans to live there. Knowing how long you plan to stay in the home can help you decide which projects will add value and which can be added to a wish list for a future house.

Will this home need to be sold and how soon?

Families who stay in a home for decades will have more leeway to work on projects on the wish list before those on the priority list if desired. Reviewing your two lists can also help you determine which renovations will add more re-sale value to your home.

Will this home need to be childproofed?

Planning for a home full of children (or grandchildren) will require some insight and forethought so your home will grow with the family.

Will the home need to be made handicap accessible at any point?

For families who plan to have older relatives live with them or who consider the home a “forever home;” designing for things like grab rails and wider hallways makes for proper renovation planning. This is known as ‘accessible living renovations’ or ‘aging-in-place’.

Home Renovation for your Future Needs - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsAre there technologies that would help the home function better?

Adding technology to homes is a huge trend today. This includes things like turning on the lights from a cell phone, adding surveillance cameras, or smart alarm systems. Other fun features might consist of electric blinds, heated floors, or retractable kitchen hoods. Things as simple as electrical outlets with built in USB charging ports can be added to increase functionality of a space.

Are there sustainability or eco-projects that would make the home energy savvy?

This consideration is usually for those who plan to stay in their home for years and want
to make the house more energy efficient. Will adding solar panels be an option? What about adding new eco-insulation or a rainwater collection site? Is geothermal heating an option in your area? Many of these types of projects are promoted by companies like Manitoba Hydro and you may be offered a rebate or savings on your energy bills.

Construct the renovation plan

Once all these points are considered, a renovation plan can take shape and get underway. If time isn’t an issue, create a plan that will tackle projects over time to be easier on the renovation budget. If time is a concern, let the priority list lead the way and tackle the projects that might help sell the home faster, such as those in the kitchen and baths.

If you need help with the renovation planning process, give the team at Hammerdown Home Renovations a call today. We have years of experience planning and executing home renovations; as a design and build company it’s part of our process for every project. Let’s get started on your future home renovation project together!

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