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Home Renovation Regrets - Winnipeg Interior Design - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsTrends come and go, but a home is static. This means that issues arise when homeowners buy into highly current trends because although they feel like a good idea at the time, many prove to be less so in application with the ebb and flow of daily life. But be aware – following trends can leave you with home renovation regrets even a short time after the renovation is completed.

What are home renovation regrets?

Things like open cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom certainly seemed like an aesthetically modern move that would prove useful when many homeowners ascribed to the trend, but in actual application, the functionality is lacking. Broken glasses and a cluttered look were just two of the common casualties of this trend, not to mention the more frequent cleaning necessary to keep items from accruing dust.

The reality is that just because a style trend looks good doesn’t mean that it’s a good option for most homes. To save homeowners future home renovation regrets like these, we’ve compiled a list of time-tested design trends that won’t disappoint in the long run once the excitement of the look wears off.

Home renovation regrets – no open living space area

Though a somewhat newer design trend, open concept rooms are ideal for allowing socialization between people in the middle of different activities. This is a stark departure from more traditional floor plans that separate and segment each room.

Home Renovation Regrets - Winnipeg Interior Design - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsOpen concept tends to feel lighter and fresher. It is generally associated with a more modern aesthetic, due in no small part to the fact that newer homes tend to favor this style as opposed to the more wall-centric focus of older homes.

When working with our interior design team, we look at every opportunity to make your space as functional as possible. Having an open living area can allow for maximum interaction with guests – and the benefits are endless for families. Imagine being able to keep an eye on your children while you prepare dinner each night.

Home renovation regrets – galley style kitchens

A traditional kitchen design, galley style layouts feature a narrow passage usually surrounded by counter space and cabinets. They provide a great deal of room for both cooking and storage, which is why they have enjoyed such popularity. For people not interested in hosting large social events or communicating while in separate rooms of the house, galley style is a space-conserving favorite look that has served homeowners well for decades. One of the best things about this design trend is that it can be updated with modern finishes, like new fixtures.

However, if you’re interested in entertaining family and friends frequently, a galley style kitchen design isn’t ideal. Due to the narrow hallway-like approach to this interior design technique, it can leave traffic going through the kitchen highly congested.

Home renovation regrets – spaces feeling cluttered

It’s particularly popular home renovation technique to situate all a room’s relevant fixtures against one wall. By doing this, the space feels bigger because all the attention is drawn to that wall rather than cluttered around the room.

A living room with built-in shelves and a television against one wall will feel larger than the same space with items on all sides. This is, in a sense, an optical illusion, but in the absence of more space, the best option to create the feeling of more space.

If you’re not considering creating a fixture wall – or if your design-build contractors haven’t suggested one – be wary of future home renovation regret.

Home Renovation regrets – not working with a qualified interior designer

The most important consideration when deciding whether to jump on a design trend, be it new or long-established, is your lifestyle. Homeowners should think about the practical application of a design within their lives more than simply how much they like the look of something. Our interior design team and design-build contractors work seamlessly together. They gather your project requirements and keep you informed constantly throughout the entire process.

For example, an open concept design is great for those who intend to spend a good deal of time entertaining, however, the best-laid plans often go awry. Homeowners should ask themselves whether they genuinely want to have a space that accommodates entertaining, or if they’re just transfixed by the aesthetic of it all.

Perhaps the biggest factor of the success to any home renovations starts with the interior design. Will the space work for your family now? What about in five years? Can you imagine being able to sell your home with these features, should that be your plan? Ask and be honest with yourself when you embark with your home renovation. If not, you may have home renovation regret in the future.

What should you do if you currently have home renovation regrets?

In due time, most trends prove to have been little more than a passing fad. Luckily, those experiencing home renovation regrets have a course of action: Hammerdown Home Renovations. We would love to meet with you in your home to see and discuss your home renovation regrets. We could help resolve that regret and replace it with satisfaction! Call us today – 204.793.0500 – or book your consultation appointment through our website!

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