Home renovation trends – 2018 edition

With the New Year firmly upon us – we want to take the time and outline the home renovation trends for 2018. Whether you’re just in the early stages of thinking about your home renovation or if you have already started your home remodel – you’ll want to read this list.

As per our business’ focus, we have broken out the trends into two categories: kitchen renovation trends and bathroom renovation trends. Along with our trend selections – we also have factored in staying power of these trends. We feel this is an important part of any trend – ensuring that in five or ten years your home renovation won’t look dated due to a trend.

Home Renovation Trends – Kitchen renovation trends for 2018

Use shades of grey to up the elegance

As many moviegoers likely know, there are at least 50 shades of grey in existence. However, we can take you beyond the hype of said movie and create a color palette using shades of grey that you’ll be excited about for years to come.

Smart kitchens and appliancesTechnology and Smarter Appliances for your Kitchen Renovation - Home Renovation Trends - Kitchen Renovation Trends - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown

Technology is moving rapidly and in the direction of convenience and automation. We feel incorporating new technology into any kitchen remodel is a ‘smart’ move. We can work with you to find out where this type of upgrade could have the most significant impact on you and your family. Some options for smart kitchen technology include; motion sensing faucets, refrigerators which can warn you when food is running low or lighting systems controlled from your mobile or tablet.

Quartz is still king

We’re hoping you read our article ‘Quartz: A great kitchen design idea‘ by now (but if not, here’s your chance). We were onto using quartz as a home renovation trend that will last a year ago, and not much has changed. Quartz is still at the very top of our list when selecting countertop material – extreme hardy, non-porous, easy to maintain, and anti-microbial. As well, new technology is pushing the limitations on design and patterns giving more variety or mimicking natural stone.

Dark flooring, white (or light) cabinets

Kitchen Renovation Design Trends - Home Renovation Trends - Kitchen Renovation Trends - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - HammerdownIf you’re opting for light colored cabinetry and walls, we suggest using dark flooring. This home renovation trend will help increase the coziness of the room and tie all of the other elements together.

Black is the new stainless steel

Many appliance manufacturers are ditching the all stainless steel look for black stainless steel finish. We suggest hop aboard this home renovation trend and do the same. Having the contrast between the light colored cabinets and countertop with use of the black appliances can give you a room that demands your attention. Not sold on black? Head out to your local appliance store and see what other colors may pique your interest.

Don’t forget about your fur-baby

Our pets are part of the family. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, why not design an area perfect for them. They will love being close to you in a space they can call their own, while you create your favorite dishes or are relaxing with a glass of wine or cup of hot cocoa.

Think accessibility throughout

From this point in time, you’re only going to get older. We want our client’s to have the kitchen of their dreams now and in the future. We can help you plan for life’s little challenges and remodel your kitchen in a manner that is accessible for future you!

Home Renovation Trends – Bathroom renovation trends for 2018Bathroom Renovation Hidden Functional Storage - Home Renovation Trends - Kitchen Renovation Trends - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown

Functional (and hidden) storage

We agree that the bathroom is a room which requires a lot of storage. We have ways to design your bathroom make your storage functional through attention to corners and space above or below eye level. As well, we create the storage as part of the bathroom’s design, so it doesn’t become the focal point, but blends in with the rest of the room.

Practical shower

There might not be anything worse than having to reach for shower supplies while you’re dripping wet. We eliminate these issues by designing your bathroom detail by detail. We anticipate placement of towel racks, in-shower shelving to hold soap and other items, drainage system design and other needs such as a bench or seating area.

Smaller can be better

We don’t doubt that your bathroom will likely have a limited area to work within. We are experts in maximizing your bathroom’s real estate through extensive planning and design. With our interior designer, we can help you find the right toilet, sink, shower, and cabinetry to fit your space.

Bathroom renovation transformation into relaxation oasis

Luxury Bathroom Renovation - Home Renovation Trends - Kitchen Renovation Trends - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - HammerdownWhile some of our clients have limited space, when you have it in abundance, you’ll want it to shine. We can make your dreams of the ultimate luxury bathroom come to life. You name it – we can do it. Ambient lighting, custom vanity and cosmetics storage, in-floor heating systems, custom tile displays, dual sinks, rainfall shower heads, steam showers, freestanding bathtubs can be worked into your bathroom remodel by our interior design team.

Technology built for your bathroom

Similar to the kitchen list, we suggest this home renovation trend for your bathroom renovation as well. We will work with you to identify the places where technology can make a difference and improve your lifestyle. Different types of technology for your bathroom could include mirrors with LED lighting or touch screens, temperature regulators, motion detecting faucets, or high-tech toilets which may have seat warmers or automated deodorizers, etc.

Unique tile design and patterns

Create impact with visually stunning tiled walls or shower areas. We help you find the style, pattern and treatment of tiles that match your taste. Then, we install them creating a design that lasts for years to come. In addition to flooring and walls for the shower area, using tile is an ideal way to build a bold accent wall for your bathroom remodel.

As your experts for home renovations, we help identify kitchen or bathroom renovation trends suited for you. Our goal is for you to be well informed throughout the entire process. We are here to guide the journey from planning to interior design to build and construction for your home renovation. If you are ready to start discussing your project with us – reach out today!



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