How to Survive Your Home Renovation

You know your home needs a renovation, but you don’t want to put yourself or any of your family members through the stress of a home renovation? Do you have visions of a situation spiraling out of control – turning into a nightmare? At Hammerdown, we concern like these, and we’ve come across some tips to help you not only survive your home renovation but to enjoy the process and build new memories with your family.

Tips on surviving your kitchen renovation

The heart of most homes is the kitchen, which is why so many of our client’s dread renovating this part of their home. However, with some planning and our tips – completing your kitchen remodel will have you left feeling why you didn’t do this years ago.

Meal preparation during your kitchen renovation

In the weeks and days before the start of your kitchen renovation, prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them. Not interested in meal preparation? Stock your freezer with pre-made frozen dinners.Preparation and planning for home renovation survival - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown

Create a ‘make shift’ kitchen space

Setup your vital appliances in another room of your home – include a microwave, coffee maker, some cutlery, and a hot plate if you have. Want to avoid doing the dishes? Buy disposable plates and utensils.

Your kitchen renovation can benefit from good timing

During the summer, making use of other outdoor cooking methods can be a welcome alternative – fire up the BBQ to grill meat and fresh vegetables, light a bonfire and roast hot dogs over the open flame – just like camping! Have some vacation to use? Plan for your renovation to occur during your time away from your home. Holidays can be close to home if you are concerned about checking in with us during your kitchen remodel – think camping at a nearby provincial park or a stay-cation inside of the city.

Along with the tips offered above Hammerdown strives to provide a clean and respectable environment no matter how much renovation work occurs. At the end of every single day, our crew removes all demolition materials, sweep and vacuum other debris, and makes every possible effort to minimize dust in the air.

Tips on surviving your bathroom renovation

With a bathroom renovation, it usually boils down to the convenience factor. Should your home be equipped with multiple bathrooms, you will find the disruption will be minimal, but having only one bathroom available creates some challenges.

Have a gym membership?

Your gym can double as access to a shower, especially if you’re there for a workout anyway.Use gym membership during bathroom renovation - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Hammerdown

Helped other family or friends in the past?

It’s time to call in any favors you can – get in touch with family members who can offer a place to shower daily.

If your home has only one toilet, we will always accommodate clients in this predicament by installing the toilet at the end of the day before we leave.

And again, we can’t stress this enough – Hammerdown completes a daily clean up of the work site. We don’t expect you to tip toe around dangerous equipment or piles of garbage.

Tips to survive your home renovation as a family

Have a family pet?

Cats aren’t a huge concern during a home renovation. Typically, they will hide from any strangers entering your home.

Family pets and home renovations don't mix well - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - HammerdownDogs are much more social and curious. We feel it’s best for all involved if your dog is either kenneled or restricted from running freely through the renovation site. The last thing we want is for an accident to happen involving a family pet.

Surviving your home renovation with children

In most cases, the younger the child, the bigger the challenge. Children are curious by nature, and a work site can be a dangerous environment if left unattended. Hammerdown mitigates the risk of possible injury by completing our daily clean up. We will remove or place any hazardous materials under lock and key, tuck our equipment away or store it in a safe place and complete a full sweep and vacuum at the end of every day of the renovation project.

With any home remodel, there will be some inconvenience. But trust us – whether a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation – you’re going love the result. We have the experience to help reduce any potential issues before they arise and our daily clean up minimizes the feeling of a construction zone. We hope this list of tips will give you ideas to help offset any of the hardships caused from renovating your home. If you’re interested in working with us on your next renovation project – let’s get started!

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