How our interior design-build team works with you

At Hammerdown Home Renovations, we have a professional interior design-build team, specializing in helping you create your dream home. From bathroom design to kitchen renovations, and complete main floor renovations – we do it all. Learn more about our renovation services, and how you can benefit from working with our interior design-build team!

Understanding the duties of our interior design-build team – the basics

How our interior design-build team works with you - Design-Build Renovations - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsOur interior design-build team is responsible for creating the basic blueprints and designs from which your completed project will be built. To start, we discuss and understand your goals and use design best practices to create design concepts. Once we have taken your feedback and integrated into the plan, we work with you to select a final design.

From choosing fixtures and fittings to planning the design of your spaces, color, furniture and more, we have you covered. Our interior designers will collaborate with our design-build team to make any necessary changes and alterations to your home. Changes could include modifying or adding electrical or plumbing to ensure your home renovation can come to life. All the work we do is completed to industry standards.

Our plans – built with your input in mind

How our interior design-build team works with you - Design-Build Renovations - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsEvery one of our interior designs starts with you. The process begins with an interview, where our team learns about your tastes and your goals for your renovation. Do you want an airy, open space? What style are you interested in? Do you like bold colors or neutrals? Do you want to replace your appliances?

We ask you dozens of questions to ensure we understand your vision. Then, we create preliminary plans and iterate on them, based upon your feedback, to ensure that you get precisely what you want.

The interior design-build process

Unlike other home renovation companies, our design-build team has access to interior designers on staff. Once you’ve approved your final design, the building process will begin. Both our design-build team and interior designers work closely throughout the entire project. The increased collaboration brings a special unity between the design vision and the project build to every home renovation we complete.

How our interior design-build team works with you - Design-Build Renovations - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsIn addition to the vision staying on point, our teamwork format ensures that your project stays on track and that you get exactly the results you expected. There will be no unexpected issues because our design and building teams work together as a unit. Our designers have hands-on experience with renovations – and our builders have a deep understanding of modern interior design best practices.

Companies which only offer interior design services may not be able to build a practical space – and companies which only offer building contracting may lose sight of the aesthetic goals of your renovation.

In contrast, our cross-functional approach lets us holistically complete your project – with an eye for both form and function

Hammerdown Home Renovations – end-to-end design and building services

At Hammerdown Home Renovations, our process always starts with you, and we love working with clients. We offer complete, end-to-end design and building services – and we handle every aspect of your renovation in-house, providing you with stellar results. From the initial designs to material and appliance sourcing, installation and finishing, we do it all.

Don’t trust anyone else for your home renovation project. For immediate service call 204.793.0500 and speak with Tyson. Contact us to learn more about what we do and schedule your consultation today!

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