Interior design tips for kitchen and bathroom renovations

Interior design tips for kitchen and bathroom renovations - Bathroom Design - Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home RenovationsOut of all the renovations that can be done to a home, sprucing up the kitchen and bathroom are seemingly the most common. Families tend to gather in the kitchen, and bathrooms see a lot of wear and tear. So, it’s not surprising that they get the most attention when it comes to updates. Beside frequent use, these rooms can lead to the best ROI for your renovation efforts. With a new interior design for the space – the quality of life can be greatly improved! Part of this is through creating the space for accessible living and aging-in-place so you can stay in your home longer. Hammerdown Home Renovations, located right here in Winnipeg, knows how to bring out the best in your renovation. With our arsenal of interior design tips, we’re sure to make your kitchen or bathroom renovations shine.

Interior design tips – know your space

Before jumping into any home renovation, it’s important to know exactly how you use your space within the room. That can mean anything from where your family tends to toss dirty dishes or laundry or exactly where the light falls in your kitchen in the morning.

By taking a second to examine your daily routine, you’ll see how you use your space. This is different from how you assume you’ll want to use your space. Decide what feels best and proceed with an interior design plan from a professional.

Interior design tips – define your personal style

Even if you hire an interior designer, you should be in complete touch with your own style as well. Taking an hour or so to learn the differences between styles like contemporary, shabby-chic, rustic, and mid-century modern can work wonders for pointing you in the right direction and help us create the space you’ve been dreaming of. It’s one of the best interior design tips we can give! We’ve written about home renovation trends – check out our articles 2019 home renovation trends and 2018 home renovation trends to kick-start the flow of ideas!

Interior design tips for kitchen and bathroom renovations - Bathroom Design - Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home RenovationsThe most effective way you can determine what you do like is by looking at what you don’t like. Who knows, you might even toss a few different styles together and mix it up! Eclectic.

At Hammerdown Home Renovations we’ve got one of the most well-rounded teams in the industry! This includes a full-time interior designer who you can consult with during any renovation project. We’ll guide you through the entire interior design process. You’ll have complete confidence knowing your contractors and interior designer will be unified in their approach.

Interior design tips – mix price points

Don’t ever be afraid to mix and match different price points. Look at it this way: saving a little bit on a quartz countertop instead of granite or marble can give you the wiggle room to splurge on that amazing jacuzzi tub that you’ll spend a ton of time in.

When it comes to interior design tips, we can tell you that you’ll be happier if you spend more on what you really want. In the past, we’ve covered what potential return on investment could be for your kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and other parts of your home. Save your cash where you’re feeling indifferent.

Interior design tips – start from the ground up

Interior design tips for kitchen and bathroom renovations - Bathroom Design - Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home RenovationsEvery nook and cranny of the room that you’re planning to renovate deserves individual attention. Our experts at Hammerdown Home Renovations always suggest that you work from the ground up. In other words, start with the flooring. Once you’ve got that figured out, move onto the cabinets, followed by countertops. If the bathroom is the room in question, you’ll want to move from the flooring to picking out a vanity. See what we mean?

Next comes backsplash. Then, lighting and other fixtures you might need to place in the room. Think faucets and drawer handles. Start with the big details, and you’ll see the small ones fall into place right before your very eyes.

The final step? Letting us bring your vision to life. Call us today at 204.793.0500 – or book a free estimate through our website.

Interior design tips – work with the best!

As shown in this article – Hammerdown Home Renovations has the right approach to interior design. We’re a design-build general contractor with a network of trusted interior designers we work with on a regular basis for maximum collaboration. To start your kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation – get in touch with us. Call us at 204.793.0500 or use our form to Request a Quote for free!

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