Warning signs it’s time to complete a kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsThe kitchen is the heart of the home. For most families, it’s where we spend the most time.  In our kitchens we cook, clean, eat, and social with friends and loved ones. If the room in which you spend the most time in is chock-full of old, garish bric-a-brac and tired appliances, you’re not going to enjoy your time. Worse yet, entertaining guests can be a cause for embarrassment and anxiety. Below are key kitchen renovation warning signs to watch for. Completing a kitchen renovation can invoke some much-needed energy and vitality back into the heart of your home.

Kitchen renovation warning signs – lack of storage

A lack of storage is a serious inconvenience and is annoying when you’re trying to work in the kitchen. You may have essential tools and ingredients in other rooms of the house. Not being able to all these items in your kitchen, leads to a lack of organization. You may also find yourself making more frequent trips to the grocery store or find yourself unable to take advantage of bulk sales. Insufficient storage can cause you aggravation, and lost time and money. If this is your life, put an end to the pain and complete a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovation warning signs – inefficient layout

Kitchen renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsOn the flipside, your kitchen may have enough storage, but the layout is terrible. A lousy layout can drain your energy. You may find yourself feeling cramped and just general dissatisfaction while spending time in your kitchen. With a kitchen renovation, our interior design team can assist to design-build an open floor plan for your kitchen. We’re aware of different techniques and space savings options and feel confident we could help your kitchen even if it seems like there’s not a lot of space to work within.

Kitchen renovation warning signs – bad lighting

A kitchen that lacks proper lighting or has bright, offensive lighting can be hard on the eyes and potentially dangerous. If you’re straining to see in the kitchen, you can miss the signs of improper food prep. And if your lighting is too bright, you can get a headache or otherwise be uncomfortable in the room. If you’re experiencing the pain and inconvenience of bad lighting, it’s time for a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovation warning signs – worn out surfaces and broken appliances

Kitchen renovation warning signs - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsAnother one of the tell-tale signs that your kitchen needs a facelift is cracked, peeling, or otherwise damaged floors. Your kitchen is one room of the house that’s going to get the most wear and tear, and floors, if they’re cheap or old, will start to show their age. Problems with your floor are not only unsightly, but they’re also potentially dangerous. When looking to upgrade your kitchen flooring, look for a durable, long-lasting material that will resist water damage, stains, and frequent foot traffic.

Since your kitchen experiences the most foot traffic and use at out of any room of the house, and will also experience frequent spills, an outdated, old kitchen will be home to things like mould and water damage. The dishwasher leak from three years ago? It’s probably left its mark on your floors or beneath your countertops. Also, if you’re experiencing things like knobs and handles falling off your cabinets, or doors that won’t close all the way or evenly, you’re due for a remodel.

Call Hammerdown Home Renovations if you have any of the kitchen renovation warning signs

Hammerdown Home Renovations helps homeowners renovate their outdated, inconvenient, and potentially hazardous kitchens. We can transform your drab space into the kitchen of your dreams. We offer free estimates for any kitchen renovation project. Contact Hammerdown – 204.793.0500 – today and see how we can help with your kitchen renovation.

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