Kitchen renovations and kitchen remodel misconceptions

So, you’re about to start your dream kitchen renovation? You’ve read through some of our kitchen renovation-focused articles, such as ‘Kitchen remodel: what will your return on investment be?‘ and ‘Your home needs renovations – but you’re not sure where to start?‘. Reaching out to a couple of Winnipeg-based home contractors have brought up more new questions than answers. At Hammerdown we want to ensure you feel 100% comfortable, informed and in control as we start any project. Looking back through past kitchen remodels, we’ve compiled a list of kitchen remodel misconceptions which come up for our new clients. Read on, and let the air become increasingly evident.

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: not using the services of an interior designer

Interior Design for Kitchen Renovation - Kitchen Renovations and Kitchen Remodel Misconceptions - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsWe feel this can be a huge point of contention for many clients. There are several small general contracting outfits in Winnipeg – should you hire one of these, then you may also need to be looking for an interior designer. Then, suddenly you have two individuals billing you during your kitchen renovation project. Going forward without an interior designer may result in color and patterns clashing, but you could also end up with a significantly less functional kitchen.

How an interior designer helps the kitchen renovation project?

Besides selecting colors and decor, the interior designer plays an integral role in kitchen remodeling at Hammerdown. Yes, we have our own interior designer on our team, full-time. Our interior designer assists with all planning aspects of a kitchen renovation. Their help is invaluable during the 3D design, review of the budget, and brainstorming creative solutions for issues with space or technology. Because of the synergy with having our interior designers on the team, we make sure your kitchen suits your lifestyle, matches your optics, all while retaining the beauty you’d expect from a new kitchen.

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: Be wary of cheap materials and products

While you have an ample-sized budget, you don’t necessarily want to blow it all on an Italian imported countertop. We don’t blame you; we wouldn’t either. Being Winnipeg-owned and operated, we feel it’s important to work with local suppliers, when possible. As well, we make some great products in this province – why not use them? When you are going through your kitchen remodel, be aware of the materials and products your home contractor recommends. Are they selecting cheap products, hoping to save more of your budget as profit for themselves? At Hammerdown, we recommend the best, reasonably-priced, materials and products for the situation. We are advisors for your home; through listening to your needs and then making recommendations based on the conversation. And sometimes, the best option can be the cheaper one!

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: Go big or go home (bigger is always better)

Watching various shows on TV may give you kitchen envy. Some of the kitchens you see are massive, having double convection ovens, a giant island, and more cupboard space than you’ll ever need for your family of four or five. We build your kitchen to the size that suits you best and staying within your budget. Through our planning process, we discuss your goals for your kitchen renovation and focus on kitchen functionality, instead of creating a kitchen which could sleep eight guests.

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: Cutting corners is necessary to stay on budget

The costs can add up quickly during a kitchen renovation. There can be sticker shock when new appliances are purchased. Stay strong and avoid cutting back on your original goals and plan if you can. For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of their home, where the family gathers at the end of each day. We want you to love this room of your home – you’ll be spending a lot of time here each day. Cutting corners now could cause years of dissatisfaction and additional expenses in the future.

Kitchen Remodel Warranty and Budget - Kitchen Renovations and Kitchen Remodel Misconceptions - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home Renovations

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: your kitchen doesn’t come with a warranty

Some contractors won’t offer any warranty on their work. To us, this is a red flag. Hammerdown proudly provides our quality guarantee, and every home renovation we do is backed up with our warranty. This will offer you the peace of mind necessary to thoroughly enjoy the renovation process and the end product for years to come.

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: not worth the hassle

Even if you’re working with a home contractor – there is still a lot of effort required for a kitchen renovation. We will guide you through the process and decisions as much as possible. However, we will expect you to be part of the process for crucial decisions. Things like determining a budget, timeline, thinking about potential needs or materials are all things a homeowner should do. Knowing what you want in a kitchen remodel will help you appreciate the finished result that much more.

Your kitchen renovation can help improve quality of life

We agree, having your kitchen in shambles isn’t ideal, no matter what stage of life you’re in. But a few weeks of discomfort is worth being happy and healthy for years to come. Check out the guide we’ve written for ‘how to survive your home renovation‘.

Kitchen renovations occur for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, you are starting a family – upgrades and changes to your kitchen will make it safer for your young family members or allow you to be more efficient during meal preparation, giving you more valuable time with your children. Or, perhaps, you are getting older, and mobility is strained. We are experts in accessible living renovations for kitchens and believing in the aging-in-place methodology when it comes to home renovations.

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: kitchen renovations are too expensive

Cost of Kitchen Remodeling - Kitchen Renovations and Kitchen Remodel Misconceptions - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsMany individuals feel kitchen renovations can be too expensive of an undertaking. These individual aren’t exactly wrong. But if you factor in some of the other things we’ve covered on our blog – it can very well worth it. Improvements in quality of life don’t have a price tag. More often than not, kitchen remodeling will increase the value of your home. Looking at it your kitchen renovation from this angle, you should think about it as an investment in your future.

What are the alternatives to kitchen renovations?

The alternatives to not completing a kitchen renovation when your home needs one can lead to a more costly solution in the future.

  1. You live in dissatisfaction with your surroundings; causing unneeded stress and discomfort
  2. You end up having to complete a renovation down the road, but at that time your kitchen will be that much more out of date
  3. You move, which is a huge expense in itself

Reflecting on the alternatives – completing a kitchen renovation may very well be your most cost-effective option.

Kitchen remodel misconceptions: all home contractors are created equal

Hammerdown is a one-of-a-kind Winnipeg home renovation company. Our leader, Tyson Hiebert, ensures every client is well-looked after. Any work completed under the Hammerdown name adheres to his standards and level of workmanship. But don’t take our word for it – just look at what our clients have said about us or the awards and accolades we’ve collected throughout our years.

We are here to be your home renovation advisors – and we can work within most budget sizes and space constraints. Not sure if we are right for you? Give us a call or ask for a quote today, and we will happily discuss any questions you may have about a potential kitchen renovation with you!

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