Main floor renovations in your home can make a lasting impression

Main floor renovations in your home can make a lasting impression - Winnipeg Home Renovations - Interior Design Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsEntertaining at home can be a rewarding experience. However, does the style of your home reflect well on you? Imagine being able to leave a lasting impression your friends, family, and neighbors will be talking about for years? Investing in main floor renovations can bring your home the wow factor you’ve desired. Completing renovating your main floor will give you the opportunity to upgrade the flow.  You’ll benefit financially if you end up moving, as your home’s resale value will increase dramatically. And, in the meantime, your quality of life can improve once the home renovation is complete. With an open floor plan, your family and your guests will be able to interact with ease. Read on to learn tips and industry thoughts around main floor renovations.

Main floor renovations – floor plans considerations

There are some important considerations to keep in mind to help the flow of traffic in your home including:

  • Opening the space by removing walls or dividers which allow rooms with sight lines that allow people to see each other
  • Large hallways and spaces between counters and island which make your home more accessible and future proof for ageing in place
  • Incorporating an eat-in area into your kitchen or adding an over-sized island with room for a breakfast nook
  • Addition of a powder room on the main floor
  • Large windows that have great views of your property and yard
  • High-quality, durable flooring for the foot traffic
  • Spacious foyer and closet to accommodate guests’ coats and shoes

As a design-build home renovation company, Hammerdown has the capability of creating the interior design aesthetics for your home.  And, then, we can build the design we create. Finally, as a certified master renovator you’re assured the highest level of professionalism will be taken with your renovation.

Main floor renovations – other features to incorporate

Setting up a floor plan the first step to your main floor renovation process, but we’ll also walk you through new features which you may want to incorporate into your new main floor. These new features will help your main floor renovations reflect your style and aesthetic.

  • Built-in wall space for paintings or shelves to showcase collected pictures
  • Built-in entertainment unit and/or custom tiled fireplace
  • “Smart” home technology systems to give precise control over temperature, climate, audio, and lighting on your main floor
  • Textures or other materials accenting the new space
  • Fresh, inviting colors that complement the walls, floor, and furniture

Main floor renovations – remember your budget

Main floor renovations in your home can make a lasting impression - Winnipeg Home Renovations - Interior Design Winnipeg - Hammerdown Home RenovationsAlthough main floor renovations can be pricey, the boost in profit you will receive after selling your house will be worth it. When forming a budget consider how much return on investment you may receive. Furthermore, increase the appeal for future buyers by choosing neutral colors and classic, timeless styles. These can be easily changed if the next homeowner wants something different.

Your neighborhood could be used as your budget’s “measuring stick”

However, we also feel it’s important for the design-build to stay within the confines of the value of the homes around the neighborhood where the home is located. So, an example of this could be importing marble countertops from Italy. If all the homes surrounding yours use less expensive materials, there’s a chance you’ll probably never recover the value of the countertop during resale. But, if you’re comfortable with this – or if you plan on staying in your home for a long time and want to treat yourself. We encourage it!

Ready to renovate your main floor?

If you’re looking for a leading Winnipeg home renovation company to trust with your main floor renovations, then contact Hammerdown Home Renovations today. We’d be thrilled to visit your home and consult with you on your plans for a renovation. You’ll be able to count on our expert team to help you every step of the way from demolition to design ideas. Instead of living in a cramped, dark space, we’ll help you create an open floor plan that is functional. Call us today – 204.793.0500 – or book your consultation appointment through our website!

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