Quartz: A Great Kitchen Design Idea

Quartz: A Great Kitchen Design Idea - Hammerdown Construction - Kitchen Design Winnipeg

Never before have there been so many options for consumers when designing and renovating their kitchen. One of the decisions that can seem overwhelming with options is the material for the countertop. Many options exist in a range of artificial and natural materials. When planning a modern kitchen, one of our go to materials for countertops is Quartz.

Why use quartz instead of granite or other material?

Here are a few reasons we prefer to work with quartz when completing a kitchen renovation for our clients:

Naturally durable

Quartz is a natural mineral that rates very highly on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. This scale is the universal measure of of scratch resistance. Quartz rates at a 7.0 measure and only sapphires, topaz, and diamonds rate higher than quartz with a rating of 10.

Stain resistant

Quartz is highly resistant to staining, and very easy to clean. Quartz is not porous like granite which makes it much less susceptible to those red wine or tomato sauce blemishes. The non porous nature of quartz also means that it is less likely to store germs which makes it a more hygienic food preparation surface than it’s counterparts.

Many options and styles

While the quartz mineral is a natural product, quartz counters are man made using this mineral. This means an extreme amount of control over the look of the product, and it opens up a large range of options. Unlike granite which will differ from slab to slab and offer a unique but sometimes undesirable amount of variance, quartz can be coloured and patterned more consistently throughout the slab. This uniformity means an installer can make necessary seams in a counter much less visible.

While there are many great options today for countertops in a modern kitchen design, Quartz certainly rates high on that list for Hammerdown and our customers love how they look!

Quartz: A Great Kitchen Design Idea - Hammerdown Construction - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations

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