Questions to ask your interior designer

Questions to ask your interior designer - Winnipeg Interior Design - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsIf you’re starting to plan for extensive home renovations for 2020, chances are, you’ll want to work with an interior designer. During residential renovations, the interior designer is responsible for visualizing the design of your new space which includes – sourcing materials, determining costs, working with engineers and contractor teams, and inspecting the construction as the project progresses. Often, the interior designer bridges the gap between the client and other renovation teams.

At Hammerdown, we feel it’s paramount to have synergy throughout all aspects of any renovation project. Therefore, we work closely with a network of trusted interior designers as part of our design-build renovation process.

However, you might be wondering how you would interact with an interior designer, given that, chances are, you know nothing about interior design yourself. We’ll walk you through questions to ask your interior designer, which will allow you to understand how they will work with you, and give you an insight into the sort of things they will help with during your renovation project.

What is your design process?

Questions to ask your interior designer - Winnipeg Interior Design - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsWhile each project comes with a different project scope every interior designer should be able to tell you their basic process regardless of the type of project. They should also be able to provide you with an idea of what you will be receiving from them. Construction drawings? 3D renderings? Material selections? Interior designers are visual people so if you can show them pictures of spaces you like it helps them get a sense of your style and what you’re looking for.

What if I don’t like the design you’ve created for my renovation?

Interior designers always prefer that you’re honest with them. If you don’t like it, say so! It’s your home and you need to be happy with the result. The way to remedy this is to communicate your non-negotiables at the beginning of the project and be very clear about your style and what you like (and don’t like!) in relation to the space.

How do you communicate with clients?

Each interior designer will communicate with clients differently depending on their design process, the tools they use, and the company they work for. At Hammerdown, our interior designer uses a combination of an online platform called InVision, email, telephone, and in-person meetings to make sure she communicates effectively.

Questions to ask your interior designer - Winnipeg Interior Design - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsHow are materials and finishes selected for my renovation?

One of the best things about working with an interior designer is that they will do all the leg work for you. Are you dreading having to visit a hundred different showrooms to pick products that you’re worried won’t go together? Fear not! Part of an interior designer’s job is to curate a selection of materials for you to choose from. Interior designers have industry connections that make this process easy and stress-free for you. They’re able to get products you may not have access to and may also be able to secure you a good deal!

How involved do I have to be?

This is up to you. Interior designers want your input, but they’re also trained to be able to do the entire process themselves. This makes working with an interior designer a great investment if you lead a busy lifestyle where you don’t have a lot of time to invest in the process. Alternatively, you can be very involved. Talk to your interior designer about your desired level of involvement and go from there!

What is your personal design style?

Every interior designer has a personal style just like anyone else. Asking your interior designer about their personal style will give you a chance to understand if they’re a good fit for you. Often people will gravitate towards interior designers that share their same design style but that isn’t always the case.

How comfortable are you working with my style?

Interior designers are trained in a variety of design styles. If you’re looking for a very specific style just ask! Interior designers are creative people and they like to explore projects in different styles. Victorian? Ultra-modern? Mid-Century Modern? Art Deco? Transitional? It’s up to you!

How long will the design and build process take?

Questions to ask your interior designer - Winnipeg Interior Design - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Hammerdown Home RenovationsThis depends on a few different factors. How many projects does the interior designer have on the go right now? What is the availability of the construction team? What is the availability of products and finishes? What is the scope of your project? All these questions and many more will decide the length of the process but generally you should start the kitchen design process four to six months before construction and the bathroom process one to two months before. The larger the project the more time should be added to the process.

If you need an interior designer – contact Hammerdown today!

Our interior design-build team loves to discuss new projects and enjoys creative, problem-solving challenges. Time and time again, we rise above our customers’ expectations – with our leading service, design-build process, and quality craftsmanship which is visible on each renovation we complete.

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