Top Ten Reasons to Hire Hammerdown for your Home Renovations

Wondering why you should hire a professional home renovation contractor like Hammerdown Home Renovations to take care of all your home renovations? Right off the top of our heads, we’ll rattle off ten reasons you should work with us!

1. Design / Build renovation and contracting services

Design / Build Renovation and Contracting Services - In-House Interior Designers - Top Ten Reasons to Hire Hammerdown for your Home RenovationsWe can help you with every part of your project. From initial designs to the building, finishing, and project completion, we do it all. We have personnel in-house to handle every element of your home renovation project – from interior designers to contractors of every variety. Because of our diverse team, we create a fusion between disciplines which can’t be easily duplicated.

2. In-house interior designers

Unlike some other contracting firms, we have interior designers in-house. Our interior design team can speak the language and work with architects, engineers and other professionals to create beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind designs for your home renovation.

3. Top-tier technical knowledge

In-House Interior Designers - Top Ten Reasons to Hire Hammerdown for your Home RenovationsOur team boasts specialist electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, and other technical building trade specialists to ensure that your entire renovation goes off without a hitch – and lives up to your every expectation.

4. Up-to-date on current home design trends – in fact, we write about them!

Our team of interior designers know which trends are going to stand the test of time. They will help you maximize the value of your home renovations by choosing the right renovation designs and appliances. We help you get an even better return on investment – which we also write about extensively – for kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations or general home renovations.

5. Save money and time with bundled services

We can handle every part of your home renovation – and this helps you save time and money. You don’t have to worry about working with other contractors or subcontractors. Often with other home contractors who rely on subcontractors – they can end up at the mercy of another company. At Hammerdown, each employee is made 100% accountable.

6. Fully licensed and insured

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. If an accident were to occur during your home renovation or on your property, you could rest easy, knowing that our insurance company will take care of everything.

7. All work guaranteed to meet code and permits, with warranties

Hammerdown Home Renovation Completion Inspection - The Hammerdown Difference - Design / Build Renovation and Contracting Services - In-House Interior Designers - Top Ten Reasons to Hire Hammerdown for your Home RenovationsTo put it bluntly our company’s leader, Tyson Hiebert is a home renovation fanatic – and this is a good thing! He inspects each worksite through the course of the home renovation. At the end of the project, he will review and walk you through the renovation – which has already received his stamp of approval. Along with Tyson’s expertise – we hire great team players who are at the top of their game and ensure every home renovation is up to building codes and permitted by local municipal authorities.

8. One-stop-shop for your entire project

We have relationships with suppliers for tiles, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, wood and timber, drywall – and anything else your home renovation may require. This ensures we can supply you with everything you need – and be a true “one-stop-shop” during the entire process.

9. Track record of success

Track Record of Success - Ask our past clients - Top Ten Reasons to Hire Hammerdown for your Home RenovationsWe have a long track record of home renovation success in Winnipeg and surrounding area. Our client’s love working with us – and we garner repeat business, which may just be the ultimate compliment a client can give. Check out our work on the Oakridge Bathroom RenovationPalms Bathroom Renovation or our Beacontree Kitchen Renovation which turned into a main floor renovation– for recent examples.

Oh, and home renovation awards – we got those too. Hammerdown’s home renovations have earned numerous awards, boosting the reputation of the company. We provide quality work – guaranteed.

10. The “Hammerdown Difference”

We know, this article may sound like we are touting our own horn – but the industry can be vicious. Fly-by-night companies which can cause you pain, frustration, heartache, time and money are out there in droves. “Hammerdown Difference” refers to our professional team of men and women who truly love what they do and do so with dedication to customer satisfaction. We strive to keep you informed and happy throughout the entire project. We know that a home renovation is stressful – and we do everything we can to make it easier for you. To put it as simply as possible – Hammerdown Home Renovation aims to please.

Contact Us Now – See The “Hammerdown Difference” For Yourself!

For these ten reasons – and dozens of others (just ask our past clients) – Hammerdown Home Renovations is the best choice for your next home renovation. Whether you’re working on a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or wanting something more expansive such as a main floor renovation – we can help! Get started today – call us 204.793.0500 or visit our “‘get a quote’ form” to get your project rolling now.

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