Tyson’s recent experience as a judge for the Ovation Awards in Vancouver

Tyson here – I wanted to take a moment to share a recent experience I was able to have out in BC. I was one of four individuals selected to be a judge for the Ovation Awards. The Ovation Awards, now in its tenth year, is brought to the city of Vancouver by the Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN).

What was I up to at the Ovation Awards?

During a whirlwind three days, my fellow judges and I reviewed over 350 entries. The entries were the ‘best of the best’ renovations of the year in Vancouver and surrounding metro area. The ranged from bathroom renovations to kitchen renovations in single detached homes to multi-family homes, such as condominiums – and everything else in between. Many of the entries we reviewed were part of homes valued at three million or more.

What were my takeaways from the Ovation Awards?

While I was out there, I’m always looking for new inspiration. I took many photos to share with you, which are featured in this article. The full set of photos from the Homebuilders Association Vancouver – Ovation Awards can be found on our Hammerdown Facebook page.

Sure, there were some highly-innovative design and renovation projects – one would expect with the high-figure value budgets. But, overall, throughout the tour and the places we were reviewing on the trip, I gained a tremendous sense of pride. Pride in the work – the quality, the craftsmanship, and the design we are able to offer Winnipeg. There’s no doubt in my mind, our smaller outfit could compete (and win) against the renovators we were judging. More often than not, the big difference, as to what set the renovations apart was the “rockstar” sized budget. It’s extremely rare to see a budget of this magnitude for a home renovation project in Winnipeg. While not necessarily a bad thing – it is often a limiting factor – and something to be mindful of when shopping around.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent Winnipeg and Manitoba in Vancouver, and I had a great time with the follow appointed judges. I hope you enjoy the photos, and jokingly in good taste, if you’ve recently won the lottery and are looking to renovate your home with a reputable Winnipeg-based home renovation contractor204.793.0500 – give Hammerdown a call!

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