The worst kitchen renovation advice we’ve ever heard

The Worst Kitchen Renovation Advice We've Ever Heard - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home RenovationsIf you’re about to start renovating your kitchen, you’ve probably have quite a few questions about the process, and are looking for kitchen renovation advice. There is a lot of information about what you should do when renovating your kitchen – but in this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top things you shouldn’t do when beginning a renovation project!

Let’s get started, and look at some of the top mistakes that you can make when beginning a kitchen renovation!

Worst kitchen renovation advice: Not using an interior designer for the design-build layout of your kitchen remodel

Every great renovation starts with one thing – a plan. You absolutely, most-definitely need a professional, comprehensive plan for the design-built layout of your kitchen.  And it should be created by a professional interior designer.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t be consulted during the design process. In fact, it’s recommended that you give your designer a list of the things that you want from your kitchen – such as the materials you want to use, the appliances you want, the paint color you’d like, and more!

Then, using your input, your interior designer can start building your dream kitchen. If you don’t like the initial draft, you can simply keep iterating on the process until its perfect! Just don’t try to “wing it” and renovate your kitchen without a comprehensive plan. This will always result in disaster.

Worst kitchen renovation advice: Skimping on material quality or appliances – or choosing the most expensive options!

The price tag of a kitchen renovation can be very steep. It’s not unheard of for a full-scale renovation to cost $50,000 or more, though smaller renovations are often much cheaper.

However, this does not mean that you should be skimping on material quality, or choosing cut-rate appliances for your renovation. Your kitchen is a long-term investment, and if you choose the right materials, it could add significant value to your home.

In the same vein, you should also avoid purchasing extremely expensive materials or appliances for your kitchen. Typically, the best choices are based on the market and region your home is in. If you’re interested in learning more about possible return on investment considerations for your kitchen renovation – read our full article on the topic.

Worst kitchen renovation advice: Listening to loved ones or friends for design advice

The Worst Kitchen Renovation Advice We've Ever Heard - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home RenovationsWhen your friends and family hear about your new kitchen renovation, they’re bound to get excited – and they’ll probably make suggestions about what you should do when building your dream kitchen!

You should learn how to brush off these design tips. Be polite, but let them know that you trust a professional designer to help you build your dream kitchen. You’re not likely to add a new feature or use a different brand of materials just because they suggested it.

Worst kitchen renovation advice: Installing expensive, specialized appliances

Does your kitchen really need a trash compactor? A built-in griddle? A second oven? A $10,000 espresso machine that’s integrated into the countertop?

Chances are, the answer is “no” to all of the above! And, contrary to popular belief, these kinds of specialty appliances do not add value to your home. Because they are often very specialized, they may make your kitchen less appealing to a prospective buyer.

It’s fine to add a special appliance or two to your kitchen, especially if you’re plan is to stay in your home for a significant amount of time. But think twice before integrating expensive and costly appliances that may not appeal to everyone. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Worst kitchen renovation advice: Not hiring a professional home renovation contractor

The Worst Kitchen Renovation Advice We've Ever Heard - Winnipeg Kitchen Design - Hammerdown Home RenovationsThinking about hiring your old high school buddy who worked as a carpenter for 2 years to renovate your home? Stop right there!

You should never trust anyone but a professional home renovation contractor with your kitchen remodel. Given the high cost of the remodel, and the risk of a project failing without an expert, it’s absolutely crucial to hire a professional who has years of expertise – and an excellent track record.

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