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2015 MHBA Renomark Awards - Gold Award - Basement Renovation

A disaster becomes an opportunity

Our clients will never forget the day the awoke to water flooding into the basement of their turn of the century Winnipeg home’s basement. It was pouring in at an alarming rate that didn’t seem to be stopping. A bizarre series events starting with city maintenance workers down the street breaking a water line, allowed water to flood, full pressure into this home’s basement. If only they had a backwater valve installed.

After crews stopped the water, and the damage was assessed and cleaned up by the insurance company, it was time for Hammerdown to put a smile back on the faces of this stressed out family. We were able to take a bad situation and turn it into a great opportunity for our client. With a fresh start we were able to develop their basement using the latest techniques and products. A house of this age, with it’s low ceilings, small windows, and mess of mechanical work can be a nightmare for basement developments. Luckily our years of experience of transforming basements in older Winnipeg homes gives us an advantage when facing these types challenges.

Using some very clever building methods we were able to maximize headroom in this low ceiling basement. We created a cozy and modern rec room for the family to enjoy, that included a dry bar, and plenty of storage space in the large, french door, walk in closet. Our clients had a child that would soon be outgrowing their small upstairs bedroom, so we created a large bedroom for her to grow into. Adding a bedroom to an older home basement requires a lot of knowledge and effort. For safety and code reasons the window had to be enlarged to meet egress specifications. We had an engineer and the city approve a larger window being cut into the home’s foundation. We dug out a large window well to accommodate. The bedroom, and full basement development, required up to date electrical work.

We gave the clients a new bathroom as well, with a daughter soon to enter teenage years, an extra shower was crucial for this family. The most important addition to this basement? New, up to date plumbing that included a backwater valve to protect the home from future sewage back ups and a sump pump to protect from ground water floods. This family can sleep soundly knowing the nightmare of the flood is now a distant memory, and their new space is both beautiful and protected.


This basement development won the 2015 Manitoba Home Builder’s Association Renovation of the Year Gold Award in the Basement Category and was a featured story in the Winnpeg Free Press Homes section.