Charbonneau Crescent Bathroom Renovation

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    September 2019

  • Category


  • Category

    Bathroom Renovation

  • Location

    Charbonneau Crescent, Island Lakes

  • Renovation Type

    Three-piece w/ Bathtub Bathroom Renovation & Three-piece w/ Shower Bathroom Renovation

  • Services

    Interior design / Design-build / Bathroom design

Splendid Main + ensuite bathroom renovations lead to impressed client

To say our client on Charbonneau Crescent loves working with Hammerdown Home Renovations would be an understatement in every way imaginable! However, this story starts out as a bit of a headache, before Hammerdown became involved. The client’s first experience using a renovation company for past projects on their main floor wasn’t successful. It went so poorly from their perspective, they held the renovation of their second-floor bathrooms off for years, despite needing the change.

Do your renovation company research – we encourage it!

Eventually, our future client couldn’t wait any longer – they had to do something about their outdated space. It wasn’t functioning for them and the way their family needed – in some situations, it became a hindrance.

Start with the Manitoba Home Builder Association website

The client started diligently reviewing business profiles for Winnipeg renovation companies on the Manitoba Home Builder Association website. This is where they first discovered Hammerdown Home Renovations. As they continued their detailed search, they read through Google and Facebook reviews and formed a short-list of companies. From there, they started checking the company websites and compiling a list of services and advantages or disadvantages for each company. Our future client also asked around to see what sort of reputation Hammerdown and other renovation companies had.

Were working for you, so why not interview us?

Once the client was comfortable, they started to reach out to the various companies they were interested in working with. But when it comes down to it – were working for you. So, why not interview us? Ask us the tough questions – we’re happy to provide answers which are sure to help you form your decision.

There are many Winnipeg renovation companies – what makes Hammerdown stand out from the rest?

Many of our clients often cite these top three reasons as to why they wanted to work with Hammerdown Home Renovations:

  1. Nearly every client becomes a repeat and referral for us
    Our completed renovations and craftsmanship speak for themselves, but we’re also a fun, easy-going team of people to discuss your home renovation goals with. We make renovating your home, which can be scary, a positive and fun experience.
  2. We have an in-house interior designer
    Having the ability to consult with our interior designer, Rachel Teichroew, on renovation projects day or night has proven invaluable. Rachel works for us full-time and is often found working side-by-side with Tyson to plan each project from its inception.
  3. The quality of the renovation work is second to none
    Just look at our body of work, which we proudly display on our website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and Houzz. If you’re dreaming up a renovation, and other companies aren’t instilling the confidence you need, call us or contact us instead – 204.793.0500

How can we call ourselves an incomparable contractor?

That’s why this tale is about our incomparable contracting team. When you’re done searching far and wide, come back to us to have your bathroom renovation completed with unparalleled craftsmanship. Or, save yourself the time and simply contact us first. We have a consistent track record that will calm any client concerned by fear of contractor catastrophe.

And now, onto the details of the Charbonneau Crescent renovation!

What did each bathroom renovation entail?

  • Interior design for both spaces was contracted to Lisa Duxbury of Glénat Duxbury Interior Design
  • Each bathroom renovation included a complete gutting of the space – before we started to renovate everything was stripped down to the studs
  • Shower plumbing was relocated in order to make effective and practical use of the space we had to work with for the ensuite bathroom renovation
  • Tile and flooring selected by the interior designer are from Bill Knight Flooring. While the tile selection is different for each bathroom – the palettes match for unity. As well, the selection of a light-coloured tile for the bathrooms was to increase the brightness of this space as the natural light was at a premium
  • Plumbing fixtures including countertops, bathroom sinks, faucets, showerheads, bathtub faucets, and accessories are from Dynasty Bathrooms
  • All lighting fixtures found in both renovated bathroom spaces are from Robinson Lighting
  • The outcome reveals both bathroom renovations at Charbonneau Crescent are fantastic, oasis-like spaces that will serve our client for years to come.

How can you get an immaculate bathroom renovation of your own?

The help Hammerdown Home Renovations give is nearly endless. We have the expert capacity to take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a physical place you’ll love. Let us take your project from conception to completion with our masterful team guiding the process the entire way.

Interested in having us work with you on your dream bathroom remodel? Contact us today – call 204.793.0500 or through our website!