Dromore Bathroom Renovation

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    Bathroom Renovation

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    North River Heights

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    Luxury Bathroom Remodel

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    Interior Design / Design-Build

Our 100-year old bathroom renovation turns into a dream space

Some people just love characters homes – Winnipeg’s North River Heights has them in abundance. They put up with the issues an older home may have, but get to admire architectural beauty every day. However, what if you wanted a bit more function out of your character home? Without added features – could you continue the love affair? One of the toughest rooms to “get right” in any home, is the bathroom renovation. Especially, if the home is older – each decade in age can add exponential complexity.

Design-build experts in bathroom renovation

Working closely with our client’s request, we wanted to maintain some aspects of this home’s character. Parts of this bathroom’s unique style were given a retro look – to fit with the era the home was built in. The crown molding, window casings, baseboards all add to the persuasive details of the space.

Features forward design-build bathroom renovation

As we alluded to, the client wanted their bathroom remodel to be designed with purpose in mind. We took the additional steps to plan the project in a manner to minimize surprises and future issues. After reviewing plausibility, we installed heated tile flooring. I bet that’s something they hadn’t thought this home would one day have at the turn of the century.

The client craved custom – and we pushed the boundaries wherever we could. Inside the shower, we meticulously installed tiling using “penny-round” tile for a modern look. Bringing the bathroom remodel back to its roots, our interior designer selected an elegant, patterned material for the shower floor.

Custom cabinetry continues our theme

With help from a local supplier, Hammerdown placed the custom-built cabinetry made of solid walnut. Again, working tirelessly alongside our construction crew, our interior design specialist selected a countertop which accented the cabinet work. In addition to the cabinets, Hammerdown installed some open format shelving and smaller cupboard on the opposite side of the room, between the shower and the wall. Leaving no part of the space unturned, we used every square inch in an effort to reduce clutter and increase usability.

We deliver attention to detail on our design-build renovations

When you come to Hammerdown for any type of renovation – our construction crew and interior designer find the best design-build solutions for your space. In addition to the big picture items, we care deeply about the detail, which pushes any renovation work over the top. The bathroom renovation for Dromore was no exception – continuing with the early century feel we selected appropriate shower and tap faucets, lighting, accent details and design pieces. We installed a large circle mirror that really set the space off – showing appeal and further pushing the character of the room.

If you need a bathroom renovation in your character home, but are afraid of losing the personality from that time – don’t be. This project proves can create and maintain character to give your space the personality it needs. Interested in having us work with you on a bathroom remodel? Contact us today!