Elm Street Bathroom Renovation

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    June 2020

  • Category


  • Category

    Bathroom Renovation

  • Location

    Elm Street, River Heights

  • Renovation Type

    Three-piece Bathroom Renovation with Walk-in Shower

  • Services

    Bathroom renovation / Design-build / Bathroom design / Interior design consult

2020 MHBA Renomark Awards - Gold Award - Bathroom Renovation

Elm Street bathroom renovation wins gold at MHBA’s Renomark Awards!

Our bathroom renovation on Elm Street, located inside an older River Heights home, received MHBA’s Renomark Gold Award. The completed renovation is truly the best of the best! However, while it’s one thing to win an award, but how did we get the job in the first place? Our home renovation company is only as good as the last job. We don’t rest on our laurels, we always strive to do things better. Clients want to work with us, Hammerdown, delivers, hands down! And, guess what?! We want to work on your home renovation project next – take the first step and contact us through our website!

Turning problems into positivity!

No renovation is without its challenges, but Hammerdown’s team prides itself on how they adapt and overcome. Some of the problems were found beneath the walls. Originally, there was a window that was covered in the shower area. Unfortunately, for the current homeowner, the work was done poorly and through years of use, formed moisture and water damage. The water caused the framing to rot at an increased pace.

No worries, the Hammerdown team swiftly dealt with the damaged framing. We replaced the rotten wood and put the window back in place so there would be natural light. As part of any bathroom renovation, Hammerdown used industry-standard sealants and drywall that resists moisture.

Rework of plumbing and electrical

This bathroom renovation called for a complete gutting to the studs. As we worked through the rebuild, our skilled trades completed alterations to the plumbing and electric, bringing the home up to permit. As mentioned, the home was older, but we flexed our expertise of Winnipeg renovation permits. No problem for us, but for an average joe, could become a labour-intensive process.

Interior design choices make the bathroom renovation bold

Black and white. If it’s not white, it’s black. If it’s not black, make it white. But, while it seems simple, pulling together a minimalist palette can be tough even in the best of circumstances. If you use too much black the space becomes dark – which is never a good choice for a bathroom. If you overuse white, the space is sterile and won’t feel like a home, but more like a hotel. Our interior design sensibility proposed a classic, clear walnut to bring warmth back into the space. Our client loved the thought process. We capped off the wood with a grey-speckled quartz countertop. Underfoot, we installed dark-coloured luxury vinyl flooring to unify all elements in the space.

The walk-in shower steals the show in this bathroom renovation!

While the rest of the room is chalked full of value, features, and quality – all of which you’ve come to expect from us – it’s the walk-in shower that steals the show. Where to start… here are some of the highlights:

  • Matte black shower system fixture, to match the other accented part – sink tap, mirror, towel rack, etc.
  • Bright white large format custom tiling
  • Bright white small format tiling in all the right places to offer visual contrast
  • Shower doors enhance the view through the space with clear glass supplied by Fleurco – a Canadian company we love to support
  • Dark grey grout to continue with the black and white theme

Finally, we built the shower using Schluter Substrates protecting the entire wet space from any moisture problems. In tandem with our superior craftsmanship, the Schluter product will ensure the finished product lasts a lifetime!

Let us impress you with a bathroom renovation of your own!

While we impressed the MHBA Award judges – we’d love the opportunity to impress you! While factually we’re in the home renovation business, that’s not how we feel. We’re here to enrich lives, to show you how to love your home, and to give you a place that you proud to hang your hat! No matter the condition of your space, if you want to change it for the better – give us a call today!

Let us refresh your bathroom and create a renovated space for your family in 2020 together. Contact us today – call 204.793.0500 or through our website!