Groveland (Hers) Bathroom Renovation

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    Winnipeg MB, (Richmond West)

“Hers” Sleek & Modern Bathroom Renovation

While the ensuite in this south Winnipeg home was boring before we renovated, the main washroom was, well, ugly. Our client needed an elegant and inviting space to start her day, and a relaxing place to end it. We completely remodelled this washroom. A new, much deeper, soaker tub was installed. The tub are dressed with very unique ceramic tiles that also covers the full backsplash wall. For a really bold look a center stripe of amazing looking glass tile was run down the center of the shower wall and through the custom shower niche. The really stunning granite chosen for the vanity countertop and niche shelves interacted with the glass mosaic tile an an amazing way.

One of the biggest complaints our client had about this space before (aside from the look) was the partition wall that separated the toilet and vanity. This wall was in part necessary and it contained important plumbing ventilation, however coming out as far as it did meant that all of the natural light from the window was blocked from the vanity. We were able to reduce this wall’s depth enough to let the sunlight in, while still housing the required plumbing. This small change made all the difference in the feel of the space. As usual LED lighting highlights all of the wonderful tile bathroom finishings and selections.

A truly stunning bathroom renovation.