Leon Bell Bathroom Renovation

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    November 2019

  • Category


  • Category

    Bathroom Renovation

  • Location

    Leon Bell Drive, South Pointe

  • Renovation Type

    Three-piece Bathroom Renovation w/ Bathtub & Laundry Room Renovation

  • Services

    Design-build / Bathroom design / Interior design consult

A refreshing bathroom renovation ready for 2020

Sometimes your space just needs a refresh. Renovations don’t always need to include changes to the floorplan. If your home’s placement of fixtures works for everyday life – we can still renovate to upgrade the materials and finishings. Right before the end of 2019, we were approached by our client on Leon Bell, part of a Winnipeg’s South Pointe neighbourhood to do exactly that! Their bathroom’s fixtures were outdated and in need of a refresh – but the layout was ideal. So, with this bathroom renovation, we completed a complete revamp of all fixtures and finishings.

Renovation doesn’t necessarily mean changing the layout

With the popularity of home renovation shows often focusing on how they completely remodel a home’s floorplan, there’s an assumption that it’s vital to a renovation’s success. However, that’s simply not the case. The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” holds true for any renovation in your home.

When we arrived at our consult appointment, we immediately realized the layout of this three-piece bathroom within the space available was ideal. The client also lamented they didn’t necessarily require a layout change – the bathroom as is was working in its form and function.

Trust helps any conversation about home renovations

Of course, having a standing relationship with any client is a benefit. We’ve worked with this client before – dating back to nearly twelve years. They were an early adopter of Hammerdown’s renovation services. In the twelve years since we completed the first project with them, they’ve had is return for three sizeable renovations. Further flexing our trustability and the confidence we instill in each and every client.

New style needed – interior designer rescues space

But, the defining factor on this project was the out-of-date fixtures. We called in our expert interior designer, to assist with giving this space a much-needed facelift. Combining light coloured walls, stainless steel accessories, an intricate tile pattern gave the bathroom a new lease on life.

Due to the nature of the work at hand, the bathroom renovation still required a complete demolition to the studs to ready the space for the brand new. Added sophistication to the room was found in the selection and combination of the materials and the addition of a glass-enclosed shower.

New year, new laundry room

While at the home assisting the client with their renovation, we also helped out with a secondary project. We transformed the basement laundry and utility room, increasing the function of the space exponentially. Similar to the bathroom renovation, the fixture placement was constant, but the new cabinetry doubled the storage. The outcome resulted in a modernized space laundry room.

Here’s what we took care of as part of the laundry and bathroom renovation

  • Each space we renovated required complete demolition of all old, unusable fixtures right down to the studs
  • While the fixtures were remaining in their former places, it made for a simpler process, but our interior design services were deployed to assist with the new aesthetic of the spaces – helping the client make all the decisions required for the project to be a success
  • One of the areas where the bathroom was improved by the renovation was the switch from a shower curtain to a glass-enclosed hanging shower door
  • The bathroom’s flooring was found at River Park Flooring
  • All plumbing fixtures are from the team at Dynasty Bathrooms, including the in-laid sunken sink
  • Helping the space shine bright, we acquired the lighting from Robinson Lighting
  • The tastefully curated off-white, grey speckled countertops supplied by Renaissance Granite
  • All cabinetry found in both spaces, the bathroom and laundry room, including the vanity cabinet, medicine cabinet, mirror fixture, and laundry room storage cabinets were built by Springfield Woodworking
  • The custom tile and inlay tile pattern was sourced from Ames Tile and Stone

With the boost in storage for the laundry room and the full refresh of the bathroom, our client will be starting 2020 off right!

Have a bathroom renovation need without changes to the layout?

Sometimes a simpler refresh is all that’s required for any space in your home. As your trusted Winnipeg home renovation company we can consult with you on your vision in any capacity. We have the resources and team to make your goals happen, no matter the parameters. Our talented team offers interior design services and our well-defined design-build process will ensure your project stays on track.

Let’s refresh your bathroom and create a renovated space for your family in 2020 together. Contact us today – call 204.793.0500 or through our website!