Palms Bathroom Renovation

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    February 2018

  • Category


  • Category

    Bathroom Renovation

  • Location

    Palms Boulevard, Tyndall Park

  • Renovation Type

    Custom Bathroom Design

  • Services

    Interior Design / General Construction / Design-Build

Eat. Sleep. Renovate Bathroom. Repeat

We were invited into our client’s home to brainstorm ideas for possible renovation solutions to their ensuite bathroom. We took a bold approach and recommended eliminating a soaker tub that was seldom used. In its place we suggested a walk-in shower. With the additional space gained we could fit his and hers vanity as part of this bathroom renovation overhaul. Instantly, we had a connection with our client as they saw the vision for their dream ensuite space come to life.

We continued to work through our detailed, customer focused process. We brought our in-house interior designer for consultation on materials, colors and other bathroom fixtures. Some of the key features to our work within the ensuite include:

  • A large countertop running beneath separate his and hers and vanities with identical sinks and mirrors
  • Ample bathroom storage on along the vanities and at the end of the countertop space
  • Walk-in shower space, a perfect demonstration of an accessible living renovation within our bathroom renovation project
  • Waterfall style showerhead for the ultimate in relaxation
  • Custom tile throughout the shower area and matching sink backsplash

Instant connections + pride in our projects = repeat business

Shortly after completing our work on the ensuite at Palms Boulevard, the client invited us back! They wanted to get us involved in their next project – the main bathroom renovation! You can see where the title comes from ‘Eat. Sleep. Renovate Bathroom. Repeat.

This client is an absolute joy to work with, so of course we said yes and jumped right into project mode. The synergy from the last project continued forth and we created a lovely space, matching many of the materials and styles from the ensuite – giving unity to the two separate bathrooms within the home. Many of the luxury items from the ensuite carried over into this bathroom renovation as well – waterfall style showerhead, custom tile in shower area and backsplash, and plenty of storage for all things related to bathrooms.

Everyone loves a three-peat!

Eat. Sleep. Renovate Bathroom. Repeat.’ – We are officially adopting this as our secondary motto at Hammerdown among the team members. This time around we tackled the two piece powder room on the main floor of the home. Although this room is a lot smaller in size, we made sure to get the most out of the space. We included storage below the sink and cute-as-button décor.

Clearly – we know how to complete stunning bathroom renovations. As well, we can work within any size of bathroom (as detailed in our article: under the headline ‘The different types of bathrooms’).

If you’re interested in having continuity across all of your bathroom renovation projects within your home – hire us at Hammerdown. While we love to eat, sleep – most of all we love renovating bathrooms! Contact us today!