Riverside Bathroom Renovation

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  • Construction Date

    March 2019

  • Category


  • Category

    Bathroom Renovation

  • Location

    Riverside Drive, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, MB

  • Renovation Type

    Luxury Bathroom Renovation

  • Services

    Interior Design / Design-build / Custom Bathroom Design

Customization elevates a bathroom renovation to ‘spa’ status

Do you ever wish your bathroom was better? How did you reach this conclusion? What justifies a better bathroom? While questions such as these are largely subjective, bathroom improvements often include renewing the bathroom fixtures, plumbing, etc., adding lighting, increasing accessibility for aging-in-place renovations, and creating a space which gives you solace. In fact, when Hammerdown was finished the bathroom renovation on Riverside Drive, our client stated the result was ‘spa’ status. But how did we obtain this level of satisfaction? Here’s the story!

Trust goes a long way with bathroom renovations

Similar to other home renovation clients we’ve serviced in the past, our client at Riverside hadn’t reach a comfort level with any of the previous contractors she invited to quote for the work. In search for a design-build general contractor who could deliver her desired outcome, she came across Hammerdown Home Renovations. Of course, we jumped at the chance to impress a new client. Our interior design team went to work planning with purpose. Upon reaching a dazzling layout, Tyson and our future client sat down and reviewed the entire plan and precisely how his team would push this to completion. From that moment on the bridge of trust was formed. We were hired shortly afterwards and got to work.

Bathroom shower fixture and custom tiling sets apart the space

With any of our bathroom renovations – our interior design team is highly involved. Besides planning the space and completing the décor after the space is built, they are responsible for guiding the client with various selections. There’s always a balance – client budget, personal taste, and other factors within a given situation. However, the client asked for visual appeal and features in abundance. As seen in the photos to the right, the mosaic tiles are custom and hand laid. We installed new floor drains which ups the ante in the functionality department.

Brighten my bathroom

Often, we’re asked to configure the bathroom around a small amount of natural light. This bathroom renovation was no exception. As part of our design we moved the shower out of the corner where the window was. We opted for a half wall shower, to allow natural light to pour in. In addition to the small wall, strategic placement of the mirror as part of the vanity space dispersed natural light to nearly every corner of the bathroom.

In the details we deliver, we delight – especially when custom is king

When you want a truly unique look, Hammerdown Home Renovations can deliver. Besides the exclusive design of the shower and tub space, we flexed our creativity all over the space. Custom cabinetry. Linen tower with matching vanity and mirror frame to match. Everything closes like a whisper (very quiet). The flooring selection adds to the lavish feeling space, known as luxury vinyl tile. We even thought of lighting for cloudy days with added pot lighting over the shower. And, of course, the walls are coated with premium Benjamin Moore paint.

Let’s talk about bathroom ventilation and air flow

Perhaps more important than anything is having a properly ventilated bathroom. Without airflow, the air will remain humid decreasing the enjoyment. Odors can form from increased humidity. Eventually, the space can end up with mold which is hazardous to your health. While not as glamorous as talking about other features, we went the extra mile installing a top-of-the-line bathroom fan system. This fan is special, it’s quiet but powerful, so not to disrupt soaks in the tub. As well, we added an exhaust to the exterior of the home, which wasn’t in place before. The bathroom renovation should be good to go for years to come!

Is it time to add a spa-like space to your home?

We’re confident we can renovate your bathroom into a space that’ll make you not need to visit a spa ever again! Don’t trust this task to just anyone – work with the best. We have the knowledge, the focus on details, and the ability to deliver. To get your spa-space started, call us at 204.793.0500 or contact us via our website today!