Woodside Crescent Bathroom Renovation

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  • Construction Date

    March 2020

  • Category


  • Category

    Bathroom Renovation

  • Location

    Woodside Crescent, Transcona

  • Renovation Type

    Four-piece Bathroom Renovation

  • Services

    Bathroom renovation / Design-build / Bathroom design / Small space renovation

Overcoming the challenges in a confined space

We had to put on our thinking caps when it came to our bathroom renovation in the home we renovated on Woodside Crescent. Construction techniques found in homes a couple of decades old, can pose challenges when it comes to renovations. The challenge we were facing when designing this bathroom was how to fit a four-piece bathroom into a small, square space.

Taking it to the studs and moving plumbing

When we met with the client, they were insistent on having the bathroom renovation be multi-purpose. Of course, we’re in agreement that the space needs to work for their lifestyle, so we were happy to oblige. They wanted a space for “everyday use” – the shower; and a space to “relax and unwind” – the free-standing tub. We quickly realized the challenges set forth with the limited space and current plumbing restrictions.

After our initial consultation with our client, we came to the realization that we wouldn’t be able to accommodate a separate shower/tub four-piece bathroom, unless we moved the plumbing. The good news is that this was going to be gutted to the studs from the start. However, any time plumbing needs repositioning, it can involve other parts of the home – and can lead to a larger expense. At the end of the day, we successfully completed the plumbing updates and the bathroom renovation was making progress.

Strategy for solving the storage situation for this bathroom renovation

Working with our cabinetry design team, we design-built a custom linen cabinet to store everyday items. We put the vertical to use with the cabinet running nearly floor to ceiling and making it as deep as the vanity countertop. The result included a matching set of vanity drawers and cupboard under the sink. All was framed by bright white quartz.

Other features found in our bathroom design

As always, our interior design team was working their magic to produce a look for this bathroom renovation that won’t soon go out of style! Even with the smaller space, we were able to add elegance and timeless touches that add to the appeal.

  • The free-standing tub was used as a centerpiece for the rest of the decisions in the room – giving off the feel of a classic clawfoot, but modernized with clean lines
  • Medium grey custom cabinetry is featured that plays its part being a perfect accent to the bright whites and other tones found in the space
  • Shiny chrome fixtures for lighting, sink faucet, floor-mounted tub faucet bounces light to every corner of the bathroom
  • The shower is neatly tucked into the corner of the bathroom, still accessible but not detracting from the visuals found in this space with matching chrome fixtures, door handles, etc.
  • Heated towel rack and matching custom mirror, framed by the cabinet supplier, for the ultimate luxury experience
  • Vibrant LED pot lights as an increased lighting source

We know we’ve hit the nail on the head with our work when the client commits to more work! Coming soon, we’ll be doing a full kitchen renovation at this home. It’s set to start March 2021! Stayed tuned for what will sure to be more fantastic results.

We will overcome your bathroom renovation challenges!

In Winnipeg you can hire the other guys – and be left with heartache and stress – or you can come to Hammerdown and know you’re in qualified hands. Being Winnipeg’s premier bathroom renovation specialists, there is no challenge is out of the question. It all starts with a conversation, so let us know your plans and we’ll give you insight as to how we will help you!

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