Bernadine Kitchen Renovation

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    December 2017

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  • Category

    Kitchen Renovation

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    Kitchen Remodel / Main Floor Renovation

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    Interior Design / General Construction / Design-Build

Kitchen renovation work we are proud of!

We are proud of all the home renovation work we do at Hammerdown – but sometimes special circumstances allows a project to shine even brighter! Our client on Bernadine Crescent required a new kitchen, and her hope was for it to be ready for the holidays. However, the work required to complete the kitchen renovation was extensive. The home had a very small kitchen, which was tucked away in the house. Our first task was relocating it and finding somewhere to gain space from. With the client on-board, we ended up coming to the decision to remove one of the bedrooms directly next to the current kitchen. This opportunity gave us the space to expand our kitchen renovation.

Putting in the work on this kitchen renovation

With the space dilemma solved, we started the hands on tasks for this kitchen renovation. We removed walls, relocated the home’s attic access, conducted a complete rewiring of the main floor, relocated plumbing, and added new insulation on exterior walls. We took the place down to the studs – and starting with nothing rebuilt from there. For us, it’s even hard to call this a kitchen renovation, as it’s so much more. It is an entire main floor renovation transformation. Then, once the ‘nuts & bolts’ of the renovation project were completed, we continued our efforts with drywall, flooring, cupboards installation, countertop installation, and lighting.

Our client knows what she didn’t like in terms of kitchen renovations – and we took it from there

Often, we are in the situation where the client can’t describe what they want their new kitchen renovation to look like. We will admit, this task is best left our professional design/build contractors and team of home renovation specialists – which includes our interior designer. Through a series of questions and working closely with the client, we determined the style of the room through what she didn’t like.

We did promise this was a special kitchen renovation!

…And here’s why we feel this way. There are many horror stories out there about home contractors not completing work on time, on budget – and at Hammerdown Home Renovations, we take these to heart. As mentioned above, our client was hopeful to send the holiday season in her newly transformed living space. We run each and every project on a schedule – so you know what you’re getting and when. Even though this was a sizable kitchen renovation – we treated it no different. In mid-November we identified that we were ahead of schedule – and were focused on our ‘before the holidays’ completion date. With all product and design teams aligning perfectly within roughly another month, we had everything wrapped up. This turned out to be well before the holiday season – about a week and a half before Christmas.

We are fast, but never sacrifice style!

Despite our speed with the kitchen renovation, we did not sacrifice a single detail. Besides delivering well ahead of schedule, our client was absolutely ecstatic with the resulting outcome of her new main floor. It helps having a client who was such a pleasure to work with. The amount of trust she put into our team speaks volume to the work we do.

We knew that we had to renovate our 40+ year old kitchen, but the thought was daunting… hiring a contractor, dealing with permits, plumbing, electrical… not to mention the cost. Thankfully we found Hammerdown, and Tyson handled all these details for us! We really appreciated the benefit of their interior design expertise. And the crew was great – all were respectful of our home and worked hard to transform our kitchen. Tyson built a great working relationship with us, and he devoted the necessary time and attention to ensure that our project was worry-free, done on time, and that we got great value for our money. Thanks to Tyson and the Hammerdown crew, our new kitchen is amazing! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hammerdown to anyone who’s looking to renovate.

Rita B.
Kitchen Renovation

Are you interested in having your kitchen remodeled? Want to work with a compassionate, caring team who loves to work closely with their clientele? That is us is a nutshell – contact us today!