Forbes Kitchen Design

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    November 2018

  • Category

    Kitchen Design / Main Floor Renovation

  • Location

    Forbes Road, St. Vital Perimeter South

  • Renovation Type

    Custom Main Floor Renovation with Kitchen Design

  • Services

    Interior Design / Design-build / Kitchen Design / Main Floor Renovation

Solving kitchen design woes one sqft at a time!

There may not be any worse feeling than inviting guests, your friends and family, but not having adequate space in your home to host the gathering. This feeling can leave you resenting your decision when you selected your home. At Hammerdown we want to help you move past the stress and anxiety which can be brought on from this. We want to show you how to love your home again! That’s exactly what we did when we were hired to complete an entire main floor renovation, with custom kitchen design for our client on Forbes Road, just outside of Winnipeg.

Seek a second opinion when you’re dissatisfied

Have you ever welcomed other Winnipeg home renovation companies or contractors into your home, only to feel disappointed by their lack of inspiration? Did their quote leave you wanting more for your money or with questions unanswered? That’s where our story begins. Our client approached Hammerdown Home Renovations near the end of the 2017 edition of the Winnipeg Renovation Show. Going out on a limb, she was looking for a second opinion, as she had already received quotes from several of our competitors. Tyson began to work his magic and was able to gain the trust of our client almost immediately. She was able to express many facets of her home that she currently enjoyed, the displeasures, and her aspirations for entertaining her family and friends at future gatherings.

Facing the kitchen renovation issues head-on

Shortly after the Renovation Show, Tyson and his interior design team visited the client’s home during their initial design-build consultation process. It was during this appointment where the client came to realize Hammerdown values and differentiators. Several things were recognized by the Hammerdown team, regarding the construction of the home – many of which would have a dramatic impact on the finished project. With the trust building, Tyson delivered the kitchen renovation budget. Also, despite our estimate being slightly higher than all other potential renovation suitors, she selected Hammerdown Home Renovation as her contractor of choice.

Kitchen and main floor design problem-solving

As cited above, our client has goals for hosting a fair-sized amount of family and friends at their home on a regular basis. She estimates crowds up to fifty people. So, it was an absolute mandate to keep the space open, but functional.

We started with floor plan changes during our kitchen design process which included:

  • Opening the entire kitchen space, with an emphasis of manoeuvrability within the space
  • Replacement and installation of a centralized island
  • Increasing the countertop space even further with a peninsula – with a bar-type overhang for which is also great for entertaining
  • Building cabinetry into any wall available to support it, from floor to ceiling for maximum storage capacity
  • Having large windows facing outwards to the backyard
  • Moving the placement of the dining room to where the living area was located
  • Creating a small living area at one end of the kitchen with a stone fireplace
  • Reorganizing the front entrance and closet space to accommodate the other changes

The client received detailed explanations of all our kitchen design choices. Once she delivered her feedback and we implemented it, she was ready for us to build. The main floor renovation included many subtle or elegant features, which may go overlooked upon an initial glance.

Here are some of the keys which helped unlock the potential of the space:

  • Adding pot lighting throughout the space for increased brightness and control over the ambiance
  • Under-cabinetry light with pendants over the peninsula
  • White cabinets throughout to further increase the brightness of the room
  • Chef-inspired range top and hood
  • Large, recessed double sink with detachable faucet
  • Luxury vinyl tile flooring throughout the kitchen for ease of cleanability
  • Maple hardwoods throughout the rest of the space
  • Quartz countertops for durability
  • Custom title backsplash delivering character
  • A vintage-inspired light fixture in the dining area as a statement piece
  • Double door access to the backyard and patio

As you can see by the lists above – no detail is overlooked during our kitchen design process or during our home renovation projects. The end result equated to an extremely happy client! Our client has stated the entire renovation experience was “fun”. Perhaps, the ultimate compliment was when she passed us along to her sister. Due to our work in her home, we’re in the design process for a new kitchen and bathroom for them. In fact, our renovation project for this client bloomed a friendship – and are looking forward to attending her next big gathering!

Now, if you’re in need of a fresh perspective, on the tired, underwhelming design plans you’re receiving from other home renovation companies – 204.793.0500contact us today!