Nova Vista Kitchen Remodel

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    Winnipeg, MB (St Vital)

2017 MHBA Renomark Awards - Gold Award - Kitchen Renovation

A Contemporary Makeover

This St. Vital home had a kitchen that was drab and outdated and was in desperate need of a new look as well as a substantial layout redesign. The original kitchen had a U shaped design that cut off half the room, and wasted half of the usable space. This kitchen had the potential to almost double in size. The kitchen also had one of the most awkward sink locations and styles that we have ever seen in a Winnipeg home. What was the builder thinking?

After removing the old kitchen and upgrading plumbing and electrical, we were able to implement a far better kitchen design, that much better used the available space. The U shape was completely scrapped and we extended the main bank of cabinets all the way across the entire space. The lower cabinets feature draws and specialized pull outs to make them much more efficient for storage. The extension created double the counter space, and even let us build a little integrated bench seat with storage next to the back patio door.

A large island with seating area for breakfast was added, the placement of the sink here made for a much more ergonomic working area between the sink, stove, and fridge. The cabinets are a contemporary maple with a grey brown finish that we really love. The bright white quartz countertops and glass backsplash add a high end finish quality to the whole space. As usual we lit up the space with our preferred LED lights. This was a big and exciting investment for our clients and they could not be happier.