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    December 2018

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    Kitchen Renovation

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    Pioneer Road, Bird’s Hill Park

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    Kitchen Design, Kitchen Renovation

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    Interior Design / Design-build / Kitchen Renovations

Interior design-build kitchen renovation is a perfect match to lifestyle

Our story begins with a couple walking into our showroom, visibly frustrated. To be clear, at the time of their frustration they weren’t a client, but instead, was looking for a reputable design-build renovation company to help him. As problem solvers by nature, we were inquisitive. Tyson and team sat down with him to learn more before starting a kitchen design. During the meeting, they filled us in on the particulars – their family home a unique build.

However, the couple wasn’t interested in moving.  As they described it – their home was their paradise. Specifically, they conveyed the kitchen was not a “cookie cutter” type of space. To us, it truly did sound like a great place to be – the home had a cabin feel with a loft design. The location was prime – with the home situated on a beautiful acreage near Bird’s Hill Park. On their land, they had a couple of horses, and to this point were enjoying the new freedoms retirement has afforded them.

The retirement plan was perfect – except for their outdated kitchen

There was just the one issue, the home itself was quite outdated. They had hesitated for many years, before deciding to have contractors get involved. The primary concerns were around losing the character of their home and weren’t willing to let just anyone do the work. The frustration mentioned above was due to the number of meetings they had already taken with other renovation companies. All of which led disappointment, as they hadn’t felt the client/contractor connection yet. But that all changed quickly after their conversation with Tyson.

To understand what they wanted as a kitchen design, we needed to understand their lifestyle

The couple is fishing enthusiasts – and their requirements for their kitchen renovation supported their lifestyle. Some of the demands to be included in the new kitchen design included;

  • Installing two sinks – so there’s enough space to fillet fish and prepare dinner simultaneously
  • Improved lighting – as they felt the room was dark and contained shadows in some areas
  • Large island – as a place to gather with friends and family to entertain and swap fishing stories

The kitchen renovation’s ‘unique’ factor

In addition to the list of demands, as indicated earlier the home is ‘unique’. An example of this is the elevation differences between all of the windows in the kitchen. Having the windows starting and ending at different places can result in an unbalanced feel to the room. However, we took the challenge and was able to counteract it with a split-level countertop.

Our solution to this kitchen design is described as rustic with modern touches

As you’ll see from the series of images – the home renovation is rustic. While this approach may not appeal to everyone, it fit the home and the homeowner’s own style to perfection. And, don’t let the rustic exterior fool you – there are many modern and unique touches to this space.

  • The hardwood floors are all distressed hardwood for durability
  • The cabinets are made of solid hickory but have ‘soft-close’ drawer and doors
  • We created a custom-designed knife drawer to house the filleting knives
  • Accent lighting to ensure a bright and shadow-free room
  • We left the pillars exposed to continue pushing the unique environment of this home
  • Custom drawers with built-in spice racks for increased organization

And let’s talk about timing

When we started the project in at the end of November, the client was concerned their home would be in shambles come Christmas time. We reassured them we would be completely finished before Christmas. Talking to their friends, they were told this was wishful thinking. Low and behold, well before our deadline we were conducting our final inspections to ensure perfection. We wrapped up the kitchen renovation with time spare!

A testament to how our well this project went is we were invited to our client’s annual fish fry where they host a hundred friends and family. We were honoured to be invited and the fish was delicious! Our interior design team thinks outside of the box and our design-build team delivers results. If you want our team working on your dream home renovation, get in touch – 204.793.0500contact us today!