Riverside Drive Kitchen Renovation

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  • Construction Date

    January 2020

  • Category


  • Category

    Kitchen Renovation

  • Location

    Riverside Drive, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, MB

  • Renovation Type

    Kitchen Renovation, Design-build

  • Services

    Interior design / Design-build / Kitchen Design, Kitchen Remodel

Warm wood tones with modern and contemporary touches create an instant classic

Similar to other Hammerdown Home Renovation projects – this project starts at the feet of success. A few months earlier, we completed an extensive reimagination of our client’s main bathroom. This project, which can be found in the bathroom renovation section of our website, laid the foundation of all great relationships – trust! Gaining trust from a client allows us to be in a unique position as a renovation company – we get many repeat customers – and when those customers repeat, we’ve already known how to work together, so the collaboration grows tenfold. And, this inherent ability to communicate led to the smashing result of our latest kitchen renovation! We were able to take the myriad of thoughts and ideas the client had, pull a focus together, and guide them through all aspect of the interior design and design-build process, that is a trademark of our construction company.

Knocking out a wall always gets our blood flowing

While not an issue, but when we first started the planning for this job, it didn’t have a focal point. The previous kitchen was cramped, it lacked character, a wall blocked any sort of visibility to the rest of the main floor. One of the biggest transformations comes from removing walls. However, the particular build of this two-storey home meant that to deliver on the promise of sightlines meant we were removing the load-bearing wall that supported much of the second level. Instantly, the stakes were raised to a new height, but having the wall removed was vital to the refreshment of this space. And, now, if the thought of removing a load-bearing wall doesn’t get your blood pumping – well, what does then?!

Just because our play on this home was adventurous and ambitious doesn’t mean it was dangerous. We follow procedures to the book. Our engineering was part of the project and provided all necessary drawings and documentation to receive the necessary permits.

A blank slate let us blend design styles for a dynamic interior

With the wall out of the way, literally, we got to work on the kitchen details. The homeowner was looking for our interior design expertise to guide decisions throughout the project. They had a list of features and requirements, but we took that list and knocked it out of the park!

Everywhere your eyes wander within the space, a precise decision around the interior design style was made. From the warm wood tones, flawlessly meshing with gold-plated features, to dark quartz waterfall countertops contrasting with sparkling white subway tile – this kitchen style speaks volumes.

Here are some of the fantastic decisions and details you might not immediately notice for this kitchen renovation

  • Cabinetry created using clear walnut in a middle tint that is the right balance of bold and brilliance
  • Flooring also features wood patterns, but more lightly, as to not disturb the depth brought into the space from the cabinets
  • Light fixtures including wall-mounted, statement chandelier match featuring a gold-plated finish with glass covering with strategically placed LED pot lights and LED undercabinet lighting eliminating dark spots
  • Incredibly durable dark charcoal grey quartz countertops frame the warm walnut cabinets and include a sought-after waterfall-edge island as the undisputed focal within the kitchen
  • Bright white stylish subway tile take over from the dark quartz reaching from edge to edge for the underlay of the island and in use throughout the kitchen as the backsplash spanning from countertop level to ceiling
  • Dual stacked ovens, stove-top insert, large, under-mounted sink bring more function and character to the already well-designed space
  • Select cabinets left open to further showoff the walnut coloring along with an open shelving space for displaying family nick-nacks
  • Tucked away on the opposite of the island is an open shelf wine rack and built-in microwave for convenient access by the family chef
  • Then, a massive floor to ceiling pantry encompasses the far wall, featuring custom storage inserts with more than enough space for your favourite health food and tasty treats

Some of our favourite aspects of this completed kitchen renovation can be found in the smallest of details and how the different materials, patterns, textures play perfectly together.

Let us create an interior design style for you home’s space

One of the top things our customers love about us is we are closely tied to your home throughout the entire renovation process. Nothing is lost in the details or through communication. The relationship between our interior designers and design-build contractors is tight. We’ve work together frequently and can speak each other’s language. This level of communication leads to the best possible outcome for your home renovation. Let us take your project from conception to completion with our masterful team guiding the process the entire way.

Interested in having us work with you to create a perfect kitchen space for your home? Contact us today – call 204.793.0500 or through our website!