Victoria Crescent Whole Home Renovation

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  • Construction Date

    August 2019

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    Whole Home, Kitchens

  • Category

    Whole Home Renovation, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements

  • Location

    St. Vital, Winnipeg, MB

  • Renovation Type

    Whole Home Renovation and Interior Design including Kitchen, multiple Bathrooms, Basement, Exterior

  • Services

    Interior Design / Design-build / Whole Home Renovations / Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations / Ensuite Renovation / Basement Renovation / Open-concept Renovation / Exterior Renovations

2020 MHBA Renomark Awards - Gold Award - Whole Home Renovation & Kitchen Renovation

Whole home renovation clocks in at nearly a year-long project but outcome is a phenomenal transformation

We’re delighted to announce we spent a sizeable portion of 2019 completing a whole home renovation, which includes renovating the kitchen, dining and living area, master bedroom with ensuite and multiple bathroom renovations and full basement renovation. A total of 4,500 square feet of space was renovated across this multi-level home, found in St. Vital, truly transforming the space in every imaginable way. Due to the extensive size of the whole home renovation, Hammerdown collaborated with our trusted team of sub-trades. Throughout the project, there were often multiple teams working on the exterior and interior of the home – some days more than 10 individuals.

However, even with the valued help of our sub-trades, this project has Hammerdown’s signature style found throughout every nook and cranny. Being the project managing firm on record, Hammerdown worked diligently side-by-side with our client and teams in all aspects of the design-build. Every aspect from interior design, electrical, plumbing, general construction, and finishing ran through our team headlined by master renovator, Tyson Hiebert.

Seeing the home’s potential

The homeowners had been eyeing a space in the area and were quick to act when the privately situated home came available. With the home backing onto the river, it gave the location a seclusive feel, but also created challenges, causing all building permits to be approved by waterway flood fringe changes. The home, originally built in 1960, hadn’t been updated since the great flood of 1997. The City of Winnipeg had implemented enormous changes when working with an existing structure.

Although it had good bones, it carried with it the style of a home built in the 1960s. The home’s interior had consisted of wall-defined, function-specific rooms, as per the style from the time it was built. To go along with the compartmentalizing layout, wood was used liberally throughout the house as a design aesthetic. So, another challenge was transforming the 3,500 sq.ft., four-level split home into space which felt and functioned as well as a modern home does.

Now, you might be interested to know where this fairytale renovation story begins?

Repeat business the sign of past renovation’s well done

Similar to other renovation projects, Hammerdown Home Renovations has a strong base of referrals and repeat customers. Having completed three previous renovation projects with the client, one day Tyson received the call for an opportunity to be part of a project of this scale.

In his own words, Tyson Hiebert, owner of Hammerdown, hadn’t heard from the client in a couple of years, but his past work had left a lasting, and clearly, unforgettable impression. There was no bidding process, as the client had full confidence in Hammerdown’s team and their ability to deliver. The opportunity, right from the start had no friction and was incredibly positive for both sides.

Turning our clients’ renovation dreams into reality

With an abundance of trust in their corner, the Hammerdown team moved forward with the planning and renovation. As part of the new home’s design, the entire interior of the home was gutted from top to bottom. Demolition on the interior began in October of 2018. The only remaining elements of the original home were the foundation and exterior framing. Simultaneously we guided our client through the interior design process. Once warmer weather returned to Winnipeg in 2019, the renovation began on the exterior, which was also completely stripped. The house went through a complete re-wiring and the interior was spray-foamed from top to bottom.

Structural changes compel interior design improvements

As much as the homeowners loved their 1960’s style home and specifically, it’s location, they wanted to make it their own. They had many ideas about how to transform the space – and working with Tyson’s team – they were able to bring their vision to life. The home was also built with the future in mind. Many facets of the interior’s design reflect core concepts around accessible living renovations, as for the couple, this is their “forever” home.

Complete reworking of the home’s floorplan

Interior structural changes included a complete reworking of the home’s floorplan. The existing Glulam beams had 22-ft.-long steel channels installed to remove a structural post. The reinforcement was required to support the roof and allow for the home’s design to be as open as possible.

Wood is re-introduced as part of the new interior’s design

The home’s wood aesthetic was re-introduced as a design element to help tie the spaces together. However, this version of wood usage was done so in a contemporary way with carefully selected selections, stains, and placement. The wood plays a role in the home’s space, connecting the past to the future and acting as an accent point allowing the design team to break apart the other finishes in the home with something natural feeling. Along with the accent points, wood design elements are featured in the hard-wearing vinyl flooring, which flows throughout the main level, and in the roof support beams.

With that, we’re ready to begin the whole home renovation tour, with the stage is set for what you can expect from this masterpiece renovation.

An amazing first impression

Let’s start our tour in the spacious foyer which includes a walk-in closet dedicated to the storage of the family’s jackets, outdoor clothing, footwear, and other items and accessories needed for Winnipeg’s unpredictable weather. While this home’s foyer walk-in closet is larger than most closets in average homes – the design-build team at Hammerdown squeezed every possible square inch of space available. With the space provided, it would be nothing without function. Therefore, the space includes a wall of built-in storage for footwear.

Main floor format flows from kitchen to dining to living with freedom

Masterfully curated kitchen renovation and design

As one would expect, this home’s kitchen renovation would be world-class. However, what you may not expect is the tasteful mixture of building materials and finishes, which come together to form the visually enticing space. The kitchen’s open concept design – flowing into both a main floor living room and dining area – and master curation of materials is truly a work of art.

Cabinetry and countertops offer a classic combination

Looking more closely at the details, the kitchen renovation features an abundance of sleek white and stylish cabinetry from Western Millwork. The kitchen cabinets are framed by expansive sparkling white marble countertops. Pops of wood are found as the backdrop to open shelving along one wall, the beams running across the top of the space, and the durable, hard-wearing vinyl flooring. Each piece of wood was selected with purpose and poise to give the space a comfortable feeling, playing the part of contrast to the other sleeker surfaces.

The kitchen’s island is anything but stranded

In addition to the abundance of countertop space and storage, the kitchen’s design also features a large central island with electric range and smaller prep work sink. The island itself plays into the wood and modern material visuals, constructed from dark-stained oak and complimented with a live edge natural oak finish with seating for a breakfast bar.

Custom tile backsplash completes the look

One of those surfaces being the custom tile backsplash, made of pearly-white cool-tone shells complements the cabinetry and countertops. The backsplash runs along the kitchen wall with framed-in sink, from the top edge of the countertop surface to the edge of the ceiling framing running adjacent, which increases the sophistication of the space ten-fold. The tile was discovered at Carrara Tile & Marble – another locally owned and operated Winnipeg company.

Divine dining room renovation

Continuing with the theme, artistic wood elements are carried into the dining room space. A custom-built, live edge, dining table with bench was commissioned by Western Millwork and fit fabulously into the room. There’s no doubt this table and dining space will host many lively family gatherings in the coming years.

Enchanting living room renovation

The living room renovation maximizes appeal with an elongated electric fireplace running below custom-built, dark-stained cabinetry. Besides adding to the aesthetic, the fireplace warms the space which is framed by floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall. The built-in cabinetry includes space for a wall-mounted TV with all cables tucked away out of sight.

Lighting brings the space to life

The home’s entranceway is lit with two large chandeliers – however, these lighting fixtures are anything but your traditional-looking chandeliers. Designed of three metallic cubes in powder grey form a 3-dimensional diamond outline with the bulb placement framed into the fixture itself. The lighting, all from Robinson Lighting, sets the impression of the entrance foyer over the top in the best way possible.

Besides the large kitchen window directly above the main sink and the wall of windows looking out at the backyard and river view, the main open-concept space is rounded out with dramatic lighting installations. Three pendant lights hang above the sink space, cast in metallic grey. A series of LED pot-lighting are dispersed throughout the ceiling in the main open-concept space, ensuring there are no dark spots. Overhanging the custom dining table, glass housed pendant-style bowl lighting adds a touch of elegance to the area, casting warm glowing light to the elements below.

Window wall adds to the indoor ambiance

To go along with the indoor ambiance, beginning in the dining room area an expansive panel of oversized picture windows frame a marvellous view of the mighty Red River. The collection of windows gives a view of the backyard, with an in-ground pool that offers hours of enjoyment during the hot Winnipeg summers.

Basement renovation with room to play for all ages

As part of the home’s transformation, special attention was paid to the walk-out basement. The basement renovation’s design had to become a dual-purpose space – one for adults and another for children. As part of the space, the lower level hardly feels like a lower level at all. Large windows allow the light to cascade into the space and a lower level door gives access to the backyard playground.

Entertain like an adult!

The space dedicated to entertaining like an adult has everything you could ask for! One wall features a large screen TV mounted with three perfectly positioned lounge chairs for optimal viewing. Adjacent to the TV, additional warmth is provided by a slender electric fireplace. The wall panel is popped forward for added depth and allows access to cables for the electronics. The wall is completed by storage cabinetry and framed by dark-stained wood.

Moving along, the adult entertainment room features a full wet bar with a sink, wine refrigeration, a microwave – making drink and snack accessible, a short few steps from the viewing area. Similar to all other parts of the home, no detail is overlooked. The wet bar received its own décor treatment with gold sink faucet, a dark version of a custom-tiled backsplash and dark cabinetry split with a sleek white countertop.

Play like a kid!

As grand as the rest of the home is, the children of the family have an equally impressive space. Pops of colour with a lime green TV cabinet, built-in toy storage closet is where the features start. The space has a dedicated Lego play area, complete with a large tabletop and under-counter bin shelves for storage. An oversized comfy couch, you’ll absolutely want to sink into separates the two basement spaces. But the icing on the cake must be the floor-to-ceiling custom-built pegboard that displays an arsenal of Nerf guns. The wall is complete with a hand-painted target for practice, created by the folks at Western Millwork.

Of course, no one is saying the adults should miss out on the Nerf gun fun!

The upper-level bedroom area receives a total transformation

Easily, one of the most transformational spaces in this home is the area that contained the five small bedrooms, into a two-bedroom home – all found on the upper level. First, two of the original bedrooms were converted into one larger child’s room. The room goes the distance with a walk-in closet, and space for various furniture, TV, play area, and a place to do homework. However, the real showstopper is the master bedroom renovation, which should not be described as anything but phenomenal.

Master bedroom suite renovation truly a paradise

Further into the upper level is where one will encounter the master bedroom, encompassing all the space of the three previous remaining bedrooms. The Hammerdown design-build team completed a full overhaul of the entire space. Of course, the usual suspects are all featured in the space – a walk-in closet with plenty of cabinetry built-in to hang and store clothing, shoes, boots, hats, and other accessories. The closet, taking up one of the former bedrooms entirely, has enough space to ensure they’ll be dressed to impress.

Relaxation at its finest

We guarantee sweet dreams at night with the custom-made bed and blue velvet-covered headboard. Strategically placed delicate glass-framed lights shine bright making it the ideal spot to catch up with a favourite author. The décor pushes all the right buttons with stark contrast along the wall where rest occurs, as two wood shelving units rise from floor to ceiling running parallel with the velvet backdrop.

However, this sprawling suite doesn’t end there. The bright space gives way to a third electric fireplace framed by a textured, dark wall. But wait, there’s even more – what’s on the other side of the double-sided fireplace?

Ensuite bathroom renovation spa-inspired oasis

No master suite would be complete without an ensuite – and this ensuite renovation delivers on every conceivable notion. As you step into the space through the custom-tiled, oversized door frame columns turning to the right to see on the opposite side of the fireplace is a generous-sized freestanding tub with a framed view of the backyard through a window. Talk about interior design ingenuity!

After marvelling at the breathtaking tub and fixtures, from Dynasty Bathrooms, turn 180 and feast your eyes on the rest of the space!

Stunning shower space

A large, accessible, walk-in shower featuring Neolith slabs, which is a strong, UV resistant, versatile material – perfect for application in a bathroom. Camouflaged in the slab’s pattern a notch was cut out acting as shelf running the length of the shower. The entire shower’s entrance utilizes frameless glass doors and panels from Fort Rouge Glass. The shower is completed with a rainfall showerhead, with a detachable showerhead option, from our friends at Dynasty Bathrooms.

Dual-purpose sinks for an expedited morning routine

Separated with storage column the bathroom’s functionality includes a large countertop with his and her sinks. Each sink has a countertop to ceiling backsplash and a circular mirror making getting ready to start the day, as effortless as possible.

The final piece of functionality within the master suite is the separate water closet available through a separate entrance, featuring a toilet and sink.

All parts equal a whole home renovation

While not necessarily pictured or covered in this article – every part of this home was renovated. From the exterior to the interior no square inch of the 3,500 sq.ft. blueprint was left untouched. Even the laundry and other storage areas within the home aren’t like a traditional home – thoughtfully designed and meticulously built.

Several of our trusted sub-trades and suppliers played integral roles during this renovation project. We’d like to thank the following suppliers for their expertise throughout the entire process:

The epitome of a successful whole home renovation

Hammerdown Home Renovations, already widely known for transformative spaces and award-winning renovations in Winnipeg, has outdone themselves with this latest installment. As a design-build company, they show their client’s the way – taking care of every aspect – planning, interior design, permits, construction, and finishing. While any home renovation project can get out of hand quickly, due to hundreds of decisions required throughout the course of a project, having Hammerdown as your project managing firm will make it easier.

Part of their mantra, and what keeps their client’s coming back, is the fact that every project “quality and integrity are built-in” – no matter the size of the project or task at hand. Owner, Tyson Hiebert firmly believes and instills this in every team member. Cited from Tyson himself, “quality has to be a the forefront of everything we do” and “being honest, fair and known for our integrity is how we want to be portrayed in the industry.”

If you’re interested in talking with the team at Hammerdown, please reach out and Request a Quote through our website or call 204.793.0500 to begin the discussion of your future project.

See the full story of this masterpiece whole home renovation projects, by viewing the full set of photographs – including “before” images.