When you decide to move forward with a bathroom renovation project, you likely envision creating a private oasis that you can retreat to for self-care. But what should your renovation and design priorities be? Discover our top bathroom renovation ideas for your project.

A bathroom renovation can mean many things – it could be as simple as refreshing your countertops and vanity, painting, or installing a new light fixture. However, the bathroom renovation ideas listed below are much bolder than that. 

The bathroom design and renovation ideas listed in the article assume that you’re committing to transforming your bathroom completely. All of the bathroom renovation ideas we have compiled are from our 20+ years of experience renovating Winnipeg bathrooms and homes. For your convenience, we’ve listed the bathroom renovation ideas that are among the most popular requests that our customers want as part of their bathroom renovation projects.

So, if you’re ready to be inspired with bathroom renovation ideas and bathroom design tips for your ensuite, main bathroom, or basement bathroom – let’s get started!

How your interior designer will work with your bathroom renovation ideas and your budget

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, the first step of your plan should be the bathroom design. With a solid design plan, renovating your bathroom becomes a smooth process. You might wonder who should design your bathroom and how to hire a bathroom renovation contractor.

How your interior designer will work with your bathroom design requests and your budget

The good news is that we have interior designers on staff. While your bathroom design is part of their role within the project, they also help with two other critical aspects of your renovation.

Bathroom renovation budget and decision assistance

They can help you maximize your budget. They guide you, helping you decide where to splurge, when to save, or go somewhere in between – based on your needs, requests, and style. They help ensure you get the desired features and finishes while working within your allotted budget.

Creating the bathroom renovation plan

Designers create the bathroom renovation plan based on your vision. As our interior designer meets you and starts to form your bathroom design, they relay all of the information back to our design-build team. Once your interior design plan is finalized, our team orders all the necessary components to renovate your bathroom. Each step of your bathroom renovation is planned to the hour to ensure a truly stress-free renovation – before we start.

In addition to working with your budget and planning your project, our interior designer leads the way with bathroom renovation ideas like:

  • Maximizing your floor plan and storage space while also considering the bathroom design aesthetic you want
  • We present samples of bathroom renovation materials and options that fit within your renovation budget range
  • If something is on your must-have list, we work to ensure it makes sense for your bathroom renovation – based on your home value and budget
  • We want to help make the most of your budget, so when there are opportunities to save, we’ll let you know 
  • We help bring your vision and ideas to life by guiding you with professionalism and integrity

Interior design for bathroom renovations is an integral part of our design-build process. If you have any additional questions about interior design or want to discuss your project, please contact us!

Now let’s get to the fun stuff! It’s time to get those inspirational juices flowing! Here are some of the most sought-after bathroom renovation ideas and bathroom design requests that we get from our customers.

Bathroom renovation ideas: Heated floors/in-floor heating

To start our list, we have in-floor heating for your bathroom. Nothing can be more jarring than cold flooring as you access your bathroom to relax or for a middle-of-the-night visit. With heated flooring, you can say goodbye to cold feet – even in the middle of a frosty Winnipeg winter night.

While not only will your toes stay toasty, having in-flooring heating is an efficient heat source and is ideal for reducing allergens since no air circulation is required. However, we must demo your previous bathroom flooring and modify the subfloor to install a heated floor for you.

Bathroom renovation ideas: Well-planned and thought-out storage space and solutions, including space for all bathroom items, including linens

Like other areas in your home, storage is a crucial aspect of your space’s functionality. Without proper storage, your bathroom can become an eyesore due to the number of products and bathroom-related items you might typically need to keep near.

Bathroom renovation ideas - well-planned and thought-out storage space

We often recommend custom-built cabinets to ensure you maximize your available space, as each inch of space for your bathroom renovation should serve a purpose. We’ve completed bathroom renovations with cabinets in many configurations, including:

  • Standard vanities
  • Floating vanities
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets
  • Linen closets
  • Countertop tower cabinets
  • Make-up counter
  • Custom soap and shampoo niches

Regarding storage solutions, we love to work through the details and truly understand our customer’s needs and lifestyles, so we can make the best recommendations possible.

Bathroom renovation ideas: Dual vanity (his and hers)

Speaking of vanities as storage solutions – a dual vanity (with adequate matching his/her storage) is a must for any modern ensuite renovation. Many of our ensuite bathroom renovations feature a perfectly symmetrical vanity, which can help provide an element of calm to the space.

Bathroom renovation ideas - dual vanity (his and hers)

Bathroom renovation ideas: Multiple lighting sources (pendant, chandelier, pot lighting, sconces, night lighting, under vanity lighting etc.)

Similar to your kitchen, it is of utmost importance for your bathroom renovation to feature ample lighting. It is essential for bathrooms which don’t feature natural light.

When creating the perfect bathroom design, we’re constantly thinking about the space’s lighting – and ensuring a sufficient variety of lighting in layers to create the ideal ambiance. There are lots of options for lighting at our disposal:

  • Pendant or chandeliers add a touch of elegance
  • Pot lighting provides an even distribution of light to a space
  • Wall sconces add flattering lighting around mirrors and ensure a flawless makeup application
  • Underlighting on vanities adds a dramatic touch!
  • Integrated night lights will prevent the need to turn on harsh overhead lights

Bathroom renovation ideas: Free-standing soaker tub

A free-standing soaker tub has become the standard image when someone envisions relaxing or self-care – and for a good reason. Your soaker tub can be where your worries, tensions, or sore muscles slip away. However, there are many things to consider when looking for a free-standing soaker tub to select one that you’ll be happy with:

  • Shape and size of the soaker tub and how that correlates with your bathroom design and space you have to work with
  • Material the soaker tub is made with and any applicable maintenance that is required for upkeep
  • Installation and plumbing requirements

We often pair the free-standing tub with a beautiful custom tile surround installation, further elevating your bathroom renovation to a spa-like experience within your home. Adding custom tile creates an excellent opportunity to show off your unique style to enhance the space’s visual appeal.

Bathroom renovation ideas: Custom tile shower with soap niche and bench seating

Your soaker tub isn’t the only area within your bathroom renovation that can benefit from custom tile – in fact, we receive more requests for custom-tiled showers! When you add a custom tiled shower to your bathroom renovation, you open a world of possibilities. We’ve installed many styles and shapes of soap/shampoo niches, shower benches, footholds to place your feet while shaving, and grab bars for accessibility.

Bathroom renovation ideas - accessible, custom title shower with soap niche and bench seating

We are a leading custom shower design-build specialist in Winnipeg. Our intricate pattern work, attention to detail, and creative design sensibilities will give you the walk-in shower of your dreams.

Our custom tile showers are superior because of the products we use, including:

  • Schluter System shower waterproofing products for wrapping your entire shower space and for stunning drainage solutions (yes, even the drain systems can, and should, be beautiful
  • We only use acrylic or epoxy grouts. Acrylic grout does not shrink, crack, or discolour, and it doesn’t require sealing
  • We help our customers select durable, quality tiles from local Winnipeg tile companies with whom we have long-standing relationships

Your custom tile shower is an excellent place to convey your style with a mix of patterns, colours, and textures.

Bathroom renovation ideas: Barrier-free shower entry

A barrier-free shower entry is another feature to consider along with your custom tiled shower, which we often recommend when planning for your future in your home. A barrier-free shower entry is one of the many things you might need as you age in your home. It’s important to factor in where you want to be in 5-, 10-, or even 25- years?

As we help you plan your bathroom renovation, we ask you all sorts of questions to help make the best recommendations we can. Our questions regarding your plan for your home are precisely for this reason – so that we can ensure your renovation will help you stay in your home for longer.

Bathroom renovation ideas - barrier-free custom tile shower for aging in place

Bathroom renovation ideas: Glass shower doors

Depending on your bathroom renovation, glass shower doors may be less of a necessity, but having your shower fully encased in glass is a fantastic way to showcase the custom tile work in your bathroom renovation. Not only for looks, but glass showers will give your bathroom renovation an expansive feel; they are low-maintenance if you keep a squeegee on hand, and they offer a customized to fit for any shower design.

Bathroom renovation ideas: Shower kit with handheld spray attachment and rainfall shower head

To round out your shower experience, invest in a durable shower kit that includes multiple options. We can help you select a quality shower kit that will last many years. While it might seem more expensive now, we often hear of lower-grade shower kits leaking or failing within a few years. Replacing a shower kit after your bathroom renovation is complete is much more costly than buying a quality one now.

There are many options you can look at with a shower kit. However, most customers opt for a shower kit with a wall or ceiling-mounted sprayer head and a handheld shower wand spray attachment.

Bathroom renovation ideas - strategically placed grab bars

Bathroom renovation ideas: Consider accessible design – floating toilets, vanity, grab bars, etc.

We touched on this earlier by saying that when you consider accessible interior design choices, you can help your chances of being able to stay in your home longer as you age. Some of our top recommendations for accessible living renovations in your bathroom include:

  • Floating toilets that open up floor space and make the room feel larger
  • Vanity design that allows you to use the sink from a standing and sitting position comfortably
  • Strategically-placed grab bars can make accessing your shower, tub, or other parts of your bathroom easier
  • Extra wide entrances, pocket doors, and a floor plan that can accommodate mobility when a wheelchair or assisted walking device is used

Bathroom renovation ideas: Superior quality, durable fixtures – toilet, sink, faucet, countertops, flooring – for high-traffic areas

As you can sense throughout the article, we recommend using high-quality, durable products throughout the high-traffic areas of your bathroom renovation. We suggest using these products, not because their price tag is higher, but because these are the same products we use in our homes.

For your toilet, you’ll want one with enough flushing power for waste and toilet paper. While water conservation is important, your toilet must be able to do its primary job. Toilets have a flush performance rating system that classifies their ability to resist clogging.

Bathroom renovation ideas - quality, durable tiles, fixtures, faucets, countertops, and more

Your sink, faucet, and countertop should balance durability with low-maintenance solutions. We typically recommend polished chrome or nickel faucets. For most bathroom sinks, we use ceramic sinks that are completely sealed. The most popular bathroom countertops choices for durability are quartz or granite.

For most bathroom renovation flooring, we look at options of tile or luxury vinyl plank or tile.

Bonus bathroom renovation ideas for your bathroom design – our nice-to-have list

In addition to our “must-have list,” we receive frequent requests to make our customer’s bathroom renovation “more luxurious.” Here are some top choices for adding an extra touch of luxury to your bathroom design.

  • Steam shower – if you love the feeling of a sauna, we recommend installing a steam shower to help melt away stiff and tight muscles. Along with a steam shower, we’ll want to upgrade your bathroom’s ventilation system
  • Separate water closet for your toilet with a bidet attachment – added privacy within your ensuite. Add a bidet attachment for an extra clean feeling
  • Hands-free faucet – can help save on water, and having a hands-free faucet ups the “cool” factor of your bathroom renovation by 100%
  • Natural light source – while you can get by without natural light, adding a window can transform the feel of your bathroom
  • Smart technology – LED mirrors, sound systems, smart toilets, and more
  • A wall-mounted fireplace, TV, or any other home amenity you’d like to see in your bathroom. While the idea of a fireplace or similar is a bit on the bougie end of the spectrum, we spend a not-insignificant amount of our life in the bathroom – so we might as well enjoy it!

Our interior design team can help pull your bathroom renovation ideas into a cohesive plan!

When you’re ready, bring your bathroom renovation ideas and interior design requests to us! Our design-build team looks forward to taking it on and making it happen with confidence. We’re here to design-build your dream bathroom and our ensuite vision with our guidance, integrity, and craftsmanship. Reach out to us today for your bathroom renovation quote!