Accessible Living

Accessibility is a broad term that can apply to variety of needs. Some families need a fully accessible home, while for others, accessibility refers more to those hoping to age in place as they reach their senior years. Whatever your need, Hammerdown is qualified for ADA installations and can meet your every need. We’ll learn about your needs and design a solution that redefines how you use your home.

Barrier-free, accessible home renovation

Creating a house that is barrier-free, accessible and accommodates all forms of mobility challenges takes a special set of knowledge and skills that your average renovator simply does not possess. We’re specially trained in disability-compliant building procedures, especially for the all-important accessible bathroom renovation where attention to detail, and structural underpinnings, is critical.

Accessible living renovation for your bathroom

For bathrooms, the Hammerdown team has also been trained on Schluter Systems and are experts in the installation of their waterproof shower systems (for roll-in access). Our years of experience give us an advantage when creating bathroom design ideas that will be convenient and easy to use. And, we’ll do so in a way that retains the look and feel of an ultra modern, luxurious bathroom without sacrificing safety or convenience.

If you need an accessible living renovation completed in your home, get it done with confidence by Hammerdown.

Note that some Canadians qualify for a disability tax credit and CPP disability benefits. If you’re renovating your home to fit your needs and eliminate barriers, there are several programs and services that can help pay for modifications.

Accessible living renovation resources

Our promise is to conduct your accessible living renovation with integrity, quality, and confidence.

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Our Design-Build


As a design-build company we offer a one-stop shop overseeing a project from start to finish. With one company working with you, there is a clear understanding of accountability and shared goals throughout every phase of the project’s planning and construction.

Design process

The built-in storage tower in the custom made vanity, and the tile shower/tub (was my favourite part of the overall renovation).

He took the job seriously, respected our home. Made a 25 year old house look new. You could tell they worked well together, taking pride in the job they do.

I just want to thank you so much for the hours of hard work that you’ve spent working in our home. I am sure that it has been a much more challenging job than you’d ever anticipated – thank you for seeing us through all of the bumps along the way.


Gold Award



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