Bathroom design for those requiring the use of a wheelchair takes a special set of knowledge and skill that your average Winnipeg renovator does not possess. The Hammerdown team are all trained in ADA compliant building procedures, and know how to design and build a bathroom to best suit your needs.

Our team has also been trained by Schluter Systems, and are experts in the installation, and effective use, of their waterproof shower systems.

Our years of experience give us an advantage when creating bathroom design ideas that will be convenient and easy to use for someone with mobility issues. We do so in a way that retains the look and feel of an ultra modern, luxurious bathroom without sacrificing any safety or convenience.

Our barrier free showers can be implemented for wheelchair accessibility, but are also a great option for anyone looking for a premium, spa-like, addition to their shower space.

When the barrier is removed from the floor to the shower, a harmonious look is carried out through the entire bathroom. Modern tiles, in a large range of looks and sizes, can be extended from the floor directly into the shower without the use of thresholds or curbs. This is the crowning touch on a modern bathroom design. This is the pinnacle of modern bathroom design.

Take a look at the process of building one of our barrier free showers: