Your basement can be a comfortable and inviting part of your home just like your living room. We have specialized staff that has a wonderful way of adding more livable space to your home.

With the finest treatment in renovations, paint coverings and workmanship none of your guests will ever know what your basement used to look like. How easy is it to double your livable space? Ask us!

Extend the living space in your home with a Hammerdown basement development. The Hammerdown team is comprised of designers, installers, licensed staff, and a personal project manager that know how to get the most potential out of your basement space. All members of the team are trained to follow proper building codes, proper construction methods, and to consider the unique factors that may apply to your basement project and design. Take advantage of our continual research of new materials, designs and trends.

Add extra space to spend time with your family, entertain and/or acquire storage space you’ve needed. Updating your basement can only improve the value of your home.

10 Ideas For Your Basement Renovations

If you are wondering what the advantages are of having your basement renovated let us help you with a few ideas

  1. Add a Bar
  2. Make your basement a Living room
  3. Add a Bathroom
  4. Create an Exercise Room
  5. Add a home theatre
  6. A beautiful game room
  7. Set up a Hobby shop
  8. Utilize valuable space
  9. A Fireplace
  10. Make use of unused space (under basement stairs)

Getting set up for your basement remodeling project begins with an affordable and viable plan. This will ultimately make your decision making process much clearer and easier to understand.

Hammerdown basement developments are carefully planned, well crafted and inspected.