The team at Hammerdown can be pretty humble about their work. Like a lot of you, they don’t really like tooting their own horn – it’s just not their style! However, when their hard work is recognized by others, they can’t help but want to celebrate with friends and clients who appreciate their commitment to excellence. The 2021 Manitoba Home Builders’ Association recognized Hammerdown with two gold RenoMark awards, which makes for a total of 14 such awards in their portfolio.

So what is the value of having won an award? For Hammerdown, the RenoMark gold awards show that they have lived up to not only their own personal standard of excellence, but also best industry standards.  

When you’re looking for a contractor, the list of accreditations and awards can tell you several things about them. After all, shoddy work doesn’t win awards! And a little competition can bring out better work from those who know the industry standards for best quality. The judges in the renovation awards know what to look for, and their practiced eye knows how to distinguish good from great. There are no shortcuts for an award-winning project; it must be well-designed, showcase expert craftsmanship, while using high-quality materials, products and finishes.

Showcasing award-winning projects demonstrates to prospective clients that a company cares about quality work, and that their contractor knows what best-in-class looks like. For those who aren’t experts in carpentry or engineering, you can trust that the award judges have looked past beautiful finishes. They assess the foundational work of structure, plumbing and electrical, to recognize that quality craftsmanship is found through every layer of the build. Judges know what good work really is, and won’t reward those who cut corners.

Our portfolio of award-quality work listed year after year shows we aren’t just in it for the gold hardware! Maintaining top standards over stretches of time is truly an accomplishment, and speaks to the quality of work processes and professional standards of our entire team.

Clients who engage the services of an award-winning company will sense the confidence and pride that comes from a team that consistently does their best. The approach to quality is inherent in our approach and clients can rest easy, knowing they’re working with professionals who know their business. If you are someone who wants to know corners haven’t been cut, and that past clients are happy, checking the awards and accreditations can be well worth it. You won’t be sorry you hired a best-in-class contractor for your home improvement project.