Our home renovation project, the Evie, focused on updating elements that weren’t cohesive with our client’s vision for their home. Our client had recently renovated their kitchen. However, despite completing the kitchen renovation, they weren’t satisfied with the rest of their home. So, they asked us to get involved and help make their great room match the rest of the home’s upgraded and contemporary style.

A custom-tiled fireplace becomes the great room’s focal point

We reimagined their previously rustic fireplace into a sleek and modern focal point. Stunning large slab tiles with beautiful marbling surround the fireplace from floor to ceiling. To the left of the fireplace feature, we created a built-in entertainment unit with hidden storage. Then, to the right of the fireplace, custom open shelving with in-shelf lighting creates a space to present memories and memorabilia. The feature wall’s finishing touch is dramatic uplighting which cascades across the space.

A quick refresh of the powder room to match the main floor aesthetic

While we were working on our client’s home, we also gave the powder room a refreshing update with a bathroom renovation. The light charcoal wall colour helps the white accent and trim, and the new bright white countertops and vanity pop. The fixtures in the powder room complete the space using a clean, polished nickel tone.

And finally, throughout the space, we refinished the hardwood floors to remove the yellow undertones. With the yellow removed, this helped bring them in line with the new modernistic colour palette.

As you can see from the photos, the result is a main floor that matches the contemporary style of their kitchen and is cohesive across all sight lines. Our clients will be keeping warm by the fireplace and couldn’t be happier with the result of their home renovations!


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