It’s always a great feeling to work on a project that honours the history of a home and helps bring it back to its roots. When renovating vintage homes, we look to pay homage to the original but also include modern conveniences. And our work on this mid-century-style kitchen renovation is no exception!

Mid-century-style kitchen renovation modern makeover

Our homeowner’s mid-century-style kitchen was previously a closed-in space. The kitchen featured honey oak cabinets that didn’t do the rest of the home’s bright and open feel justice. The home also had an unusual feature, with a window in the kitchen that looked into the garage.

To resolve the compartmentalized layout, we began the home renovation by removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining area to create a single, flowing, unified space. Then, we got to work on reconfiguring the kitchen window. While the homeowners grew accustomed to seeing into their garage – we took an elegant approach by turning the old window into a clear backsplash – what a game-changer!

For the rest of the kitchen design, a mix of natural walnut and white acrylic cabinets, both slab door styles, were installed thoughtfully to boost the kitchen’s usability. The natural walnut slab doors complement the original wood panelling for a cohesive appearance. The cabinet design decisions create the perfect blend of mid-century vibes with modern appeal.

No kitchen design detail left to chance

We also added modernized touches everywhere, including enhanced storage solutions, low profile edge pulls for the cabinetry, a highly durable delta faucet, and countertops using Hanstone: Bianco Canvas quartz. With the improved storage solutions kitchen functions perfectly for our client’s needs, and the profile edge cabinet hardware keeps the fronts looking clean and minimalistic.

With their mid-century appeal intact but improved flow and features through the effort of our interior designer, our client loved the final product – and so do we!


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