I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners across nearly 20 decades with home renovation services. But for me to say your home renovations don’t come with stress isn’t fair. However, I can say that our renovation process comes with much less stress than the average home renovation company.

In this article, I’ll explore one of the most frequently asked questions besides “How much will my home renovation cost?” And that question is “How long will my home renovation take?” – the home renovation timeline. Specifically, you can learn more about:

  • What factors play into your estimated home renovation timeline?
  • How soon can your home renovation start after signing the contract or quote?
  • By room or renovation/service type – i.e., kitchen, bathroom, and interior design services – will your renovation or design approximately take?
  • And we’ll tell you how we reduce most home renovation timelines by 50% less than other general renovation contractors (one of the many reasons to consider choosing Hammerdown)

How do we handle your home renovation timeline?

When embarking on your renovation journey, many factors will be at play that dictate your home renovation timeline. Some of the elements may be out of your control. However, with our devotion to planning and our extensive renovation knowledge – there is nothing to fear. Let us walk you through some of the home renovation timeline factors that may be present during your renovation project.

Making decisions

Homeowners making decisions is one of the factors in your home renovation timeline

We know that any decision regarding renovating your home – your #1 investment – can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be! 

Rely on our team’s wealth of experience that has you covered every area of the design-build process. We help you by making every decision needed for your project before we start construction. We are your partner in this and can help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Communicating wants and needs clearly 

Nearly none of our clients are contractors, home renovators, or tradespeople – so we understand it can be difficult to communicate home design and renovation ideas. However, we’ve become expert facilitators in taking our client’s rough ideas, “feature” lists, Pinterest boards, or helping brainstorm newly renovated home functionality – to design and build something they love. 

And clear communication is a two-way street. We don’t talk to you with insider jargon or technical speak – we use easy-to-understand terms and plain language. We will gladly offer an additional explanation for anything you’re unsure about. What makes a home renovation great? It’s not awards, using a specific design style, product, or trend. It’s all about ensuring your home renovation will meet you and your family’s wants and needs for years to come.

Preparing the home for construction 

Some of our clients opt to complete the demolition prior to renovation themselves or through another service – which is perfectly good with us. We will help you get the correct procedures in place. 

Once we’ve arrived at your home to start the construction work, we take all necessary precautions to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible during the renovation, including things like:

  • Securely tarping off construction areas
  • Ventilation and fans
  • Daily job site cleaning

Planning your home design

Interior design and planning helps your project, and home renovation timeline, run smoothly

Part art, part science – if you plan an extensive home renovation, you will want to update the design. But, if you have more questions than answers, that’s the beauty of working with Hammerdown. Our in-house interior designer acts as your conductor, learning about your preferences and personality to help you narrow choices from the myriad options available. 

Along with helping you make fantastic choices for products, materials, textures, and accessories that’ll shape how your home design will come together, our interior designer constantly collaborates with the build team. This unified vision for your home renovation early on truly benefits the home renovation timeline. 

And, as home design decisions are made, we order all of the items needed to complete your renovation to ensure the renovation process is never delayed once we start.

Handling permits and inspections

As part of working with a premier design-build home renovator, we take care of many parts of your project on your behalf. Pulling permits and handling inspections throughout your home renovation timeline is one of those things. Consider permits and inspections just another thing you can check off on your list of things to worry about – we’ve got you covered. 

How soon can your home renovation start after signing the contract or quote?

Once you’ve chosen us as your home renovation company, signed on the dotted line, and paid the deposit, your home renovation can begin!

In most situations, your in-home interior design consultation is scheduled within a few weeks. We put on our “creative planning hats” and help guide you to a home design that’s right for you.

As we dot the i’s and cross the t’s – we schedule your renovation into production. The beauty of our design-build home renovation process is that, from the contract date to the construction start date, your entire home renovation is thoroughly and entirely planned – with no detail left to chance – including:

One of our key differentiators is how we plan your home renovation. You won’t find another more meticulous and detail-oriented home renovation company than us. 

Specifically, what home renovation timelines can you expect – by room?

The dates we give you we hold ourselves accountable for. They are based on decades of experience, attention to detail, clear, concise communication, and the hardest, but also smartest, working home renovation team in Winnipeg.

Interior design timeline expectations

In most situations, the interior design portion of your home renovation project will take 4-8 weeks.

  • Most bathroom design projects take 4-6 weeks
  • Most kitchen design projects take 4-8 weeks
  • Whole home design projects can take between 8-20 weeks

Once the interior design work for your home renovation is complete, we order all the products, cabinetry, materials, and accessories required. We don’t start your renovation until all products arrive to prevent downstream delays. The timeline for product shipments usually is within 6-12 weeks. And after that, we schedule your home renovation into production.

Kitchen renovation timeline expectations

Kitchen renovation timeilne

We typically complete your kitchen renovation in 6-10 weeks from the start of construction to when it’s fully ready for you to use. Most kitchen renovations are more than 50% faster than our competitors and well under the industry average of 12-16 weeks.

Bathroom renovation timeline expectations

Bathroom renovation timeline

Our bathroom renovations are usually 50% faster than our competitors. For your bathroom renovation, the timeline is usually 3-6 weeks from the start of construction to when your bathroom is fully ready.

Whole home renovation timeline expectations

Whole home renovation timeline

With a whole home renovation timeline, it’s much harder to pinpoint a timeline range – but we’re looking at around 12-20 weeks for most whole home renovations.

How are we able to offer such a quick home renovation timeline?

Here are some ways that “make us different” – that has to do with your home renovation timeline.

We work side-by-side as a team for you

We are a single team with all the expertise we need to complete your home renovation in-house. We seldom require third-party partners or companies’ help.

Because we’re a team – we communicate frequently. We see each other daily, and we’ve chosen to work together. Our culture fosters collaboration and transparency across all our employees – which directly impacts our work for you positively.

Our design-build process is exceptionally detailed

And it starts with interior design services that take little to chance. We help guide you through every decision before starting your project. And, with the product ordered and ready for installation, it makes for quick work during construction.

We put tremendous effort and time into planning the production of your home renovation – Why? Because we think that’s how it should be done. Pre-planning every detail of your home renovation projects makes for no delays, keeps your project on budget, and reduces stress for everyone involved – for you and our team.

Using Co-Construct to plan our workload and schedule renovations

We schedule for every hour of every day

The schedule for your home renovation timeline is planned weeks or months before your project starts. Our production manager creates the schedule precisely around your scope of work. Then, daily progress is communicated from the lead hands on the job site to the production manager, ensuring everything is running according to the plan and on time.

Co-Construct software to plan each day with precision

One of the tools in our toolkit is the technology we use to run our home renovation company. And while our home renovation management software of choice is Co-Construct – available to all of our competitors – it’s more about how you use the software than anything.

We offer a home renovation timeline you can set your watch to!

I sincerely hope our article on the home renovation timeline has answered your questions about what occurs when – and has also brought you peace of mind. Your home renovation doesn’t need to be stressful, and we’d love to ensure that it’s not anything but enjoyable.

If you anticipate starting a renovation project, start the conversation on our website by requesting your quote from our contact us page. It’s never too early to start planning; a solid plan is vital to a smooth home renovation experience!