The thought of upgrading your living space to meet your lifestyle needs is what drives you to have your home renovation project done. You might be looking for your home to provide more functionality or your home’s aesthetic could be worn or outdated and require an urgent facelift.

You’ve worked towards today for weeks or months and are about to embark on a home renovation project! It’s a thrilling time for any homeowner! Whatever the reason is for your next home renovation project – excitement is in the air!

But then, you immediately encounter a roadblock as you start planning your vision for your home renovation project. You might be asking yourself – interior design – what’s that? And why does it matter?

Our home renovation company can help you find your interior design style

If you’re working with the Hammerdown team, our in-house interior designer loves to help you fill in the blanks. If you’re researching interior design styles before contacting a home renovation company, you’ll be on your own to figure out “what style” your renovation should take.

That’s why this article is the perfect resource for you! We’ll help you get your creative juices flowing as we take a look at 14 popular interior design styles that you can use to renovate your Winnipeg home. Be sure to make it to the end of this article where we’ll show you examples of interior design styles that we’ve used for our client’s home renovations in the past!

But first, let’s get through some of the initial questions you have so we know our bases are covered!

What is interior design?

We’ve offered a more complete look at “what interior design is” on our interior design page, and in our articles “Considerations when hiring an interior designer” and “How to prepare for your interior design consultation.” But for a quick refresher, you can look to define interior design as:

The art and science of understanding how you will use the physical space available in your home

This goes beyond “just decorating your home or picking colour samples.” Our interior designer will help you navigate your style and layout selections so that your home will serve you and be as comfortable as possible for your family. It includes all parts of planning from reworking your layout, selecting materials, sourcing products that fit, and tying it all together with a visually pleasing “bow.”

Why does interior design matter?

Interior design style example of a modern, transitional kitchen renovation in Winnipeg

As you may realize, it takes a specific talent, experience, and knowledge to put forth an interior design plan that can meet your budget, please your senses, and be feasible to construct. Like most major life decisions, you likely prefer guidance from a professional that has a track record of success – the same goes for interior design. As a design-build renovation company, we’re often interacting with your life’s biggest investment – your home.

What is considered a popular interior design style?

While it’s one thing to be aware of interior design style trends, it’s important to know what is just a fad versus what has staying power. We typically steer clients away from “the latest trending look” until it’s proven itself.

As you start to learn about your preferred interior design style, look for things like

  • Timelessness: styles that have been around for decades or even centuries, and continue to be widely used, can be considered popular
  • Adaptability: styles that can adapt easily to different spaces, budgets, and preferences can appeal to a wider audience
  • Practicality: styles that offer practical benefits, such as functionality or ease of maintenance, can be appealing to many people

The final piece of guidance that we help clients with is around – what’s popular in Winnipeg. If your home is in Winnipeg, there are preferences as to how a home should look and function. If you end up creating a space that is too far outside of the norm, it can be an issue for future buyers. However, as it is your home, especially if you’re planning to stay for a while, you need to be happy with it first.

Disclaimer: you can pick multiple interior design styles for your home renovation

In fact, we encourage it! Blending and meshing multiple interior design styles together will help to create a balanced, unique look for your home renovation. As interior design practitioners, we use this approach ourselves. After you review the list of popular interior design styles, below, move to the end of this article to see our unique blend of styles showcased in some of our favourite projects!

Modern interior design style

Interior design style example of a contemporary ensuite bathroom renovation in Winnipeg

Modern interior design features clean lines, and minimalist decor, with a heavy focus on functionality while often incorporating neutral colour palettes and natural textured materials like wood and stone.

Contemporary interior design style

Contemporary interior design is similar to modern design, but it looks to break a few of the rules, making it more fluid and less rigidly defined. Parts of a home using a contemporary style will often mix in touches of other design styles, it may incorporate splashes of bold colours and unconventional materials.

Traditional interior design style

Traditional interior design features classic decor, and elegant details, with special attention paid to symmetry and balance and incorporates warm, rich colours and luxurious fabrics.

Transitional interior design style

With transitional interior design, you already start seeing a blend of traditional and modern elements, with combinations of classic decor with sleek, modern finishes and warm, rich fabrics paired with natural textured materials.

Rustic interior design style

Rustic interior design features a cozy, lived-in look, and will often make abundant use of natural materials like wood and stone that are mixed with warm colours and sometimes vintage decor.

Bohemian interior design style

Bohemian interior design is eclectic and unconventional, with a mix of colours, textures, and patterns inspired by global influences – perfect if you are looking to incorporate memories or parts of your culture into your home’s design.

Minimalist interior design style

Minimalist interior design features clean lines, and neutral colours, and often highlights the contrast between finishes while maintaining a focus on simplicity and functionality.

Industrial interior design style

Industrial interior design will include features like raw, unfinished-looking materials such as exposed brick, concrete, and metal, which are often mixed with vintage or antique decor.

Farmhouse interior design style

Farmhouse interior design is rustic and charming that plays with different natural materials, and textures found in nature while also having vintage decor, light tones, earthy colours, wood finishes, and pops of cozy accents.

Coastal interior design style

Interior design style example of a mid-century modern kitchen renovation in Winnipeg

Imagine you have a tropical paradise in your home, without all of the sand. Coastal interior design is light and airy, with a focus on blue, coral, and sea green colours with shades of white, natural materials, and beachy decor.

Art deco interior design style

Art Deco interior design is characterized by geometric shapes with intentional symmetry or asymmetry between home design features and the use of bold colours, and high contrast with inorganic smooth features like metallic finishes, mirrors, and glass.

Art nouveau interior design style

Art nouveau’s interior design is characterized by organic shapes, flowing lines, and natural motifs like flowers and leaves and is usually brought to the forefront by selecting curved furniture and ornate lighting.

Retro interior design style

Perfect to show off your favourite decade of the past, using retro interior design will place the spotlight on a specific decade and incorporate elements typically associated with that time, influencing the colours, patterns, textures, and decor.

Mid-century interior design style

Mid-century interior design style uses clean lines, minimalism, and functionality, with a focus on natural materials such as wood, leather, and metal with colours tending to be muted or earthy, with occasional pops of bright colour.

Let our favourite interior design projects become your inspiration!

Now that we’ve covered 14 of the most popular interior design styles, let’s take a look at how we can use them for your home renovation project! We’ve created a short list of our past design-build renovations and covered some of the inspiration behind each project.

If you see a favourite blended interior design style, and you’re interested in working with us, start the conversation through our “request your quote” form – we’d love to hear from you. 

Interior design style showcase “Coastal Style” – Palms kitchen renovation

Interior design “Coastal Style” kitchen renovation

First up, we have a coastal and modern design that’s featured in our project, the Palms kitchen renovation. It makes use of tonal greys, watery light blues, and cool beige – classics in the coastal colour palette – and brings in modern style using clean lines and minimal, but strategically placed decor. Branching into the open concept space, you’ll also find more modern pops with the glass railing installation and custom fireplace surround, using the unique texture of a wallpaper accent and quartz slab hearth.

See the Palms kitchen renovation on Houzz

Interior design style showcase “Farmhouse Style” – Bailey whole home renovation

Interior design “Farmhouse Style” whole home renovation

The Bailey whole home renovation is a masterpiece in blending farmhouse style, with touches of modern, rustic and industrial. The baseline of the home’s interior design style is transitional, but to give it a cozy feel, we deployed reclaimed wood and textural charm throughout the entrance, kitchen, and primary bedroom and bathrooms. 

Modern styling comes into play with the high-contrast elements in the home, specifically in the ensuite renovation. We also incorporated a modern floating vanity in the powder room, bringing much-needed balance to the farmhouse style.  

Then, we finish it off with a warm version of industrial-style lighting with chandeliers throughout that are certainly show-stoppers. With the use of symmetrical touches, wood beams and kitchen island, and black hardware – the space feels like one of a kind.

See the Bailey whole home renovation on Houzz

Interior design style showcase “Art Deco Style” – Robby ensuite bathroom renovation

Interior design “Art Deco Style” ensuite bathroom renovation

The Robby ensuite bathroom renovation possesses traditional, contemporary, modern, and art deco elements. Some of the finishes that may stand out to you include the traditional freestanding bathtub juxtaposed against the modern custom-tile shower. Then, the shimmering texture on the tile backsplash, shower niche, and the many reflective surfaces play on the art deco theme. Finally, the chandelier and wall sconces are stand-out lighting fixtures, important in all home renovation projects, and can be described as art deco statement pieces – creating the perfect accompaniment to the space.

Interior design style showcase “Mid-Century Modern Style” – Riverside kitchen renovation

Interior design “Mid-Century Modern Style” kitchen renovation

Imagine mid-century vibes meets modern styling. Attention-grabbing statement lighting and sconces – that’s what you’ll find in our Riverside kitchen design. The home received timeless natural walnut-finished cabinets paired with contemporary glass, metallics, and stone.

The centrepiece of this kitchen renovation, and the home itself, is the kitchen island, with dual waterfall countertops. High gloss white finishes complement the natural wood cabinetry along with modern brass-toned hardware. This is a kitchen that defies the ages.

Interior design style showcase “Transitional Style” – Timeless kitchen renovation

Interior design “Transitional Style” kitchen renovation

The transitional design style is the backbone of our Timeless kitchen renovation, which has support from modern and classic styling. The kitchen renovation features luxury vinyl plank floors, and bright white cabinetry in a classic shaker style, along with touches of gold in fixtures and lighting details. Glass cabinet doors for upper display and ample accent lighting elevate this design. The natural marble backsplash pulls your eye the perfect amount with an elegant herringbone pattern that is strikingly serene.

See the Timeless kitchen renovation on Houzz

Let us help you find your interior design style!

We can provide guidance and take you through a series of choices that will identify your unique blend of interior design styles for your home renovation. Alternatively, take a look at our past home renovation projects, and become inspired – and let us know which one is your favourite. 

Working with us to define your interior design style is as easy as booking your no-obligation interior design consultation through our website’s contact us page or by giving us a call at 204.793.0500 – to set up your appointment.