When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are many good reasons to go through the process. But, often, the very first question that comes to mind when starting a kitchen project with our clients is “how much will my kitchen renovation cost?”

Arguably being one of the busiest spaces in your home, completing a kitchen renovation can have a significant impact on how you live and complete daily tasks, like cooking and cleaning. Along with daily use, the kitchen is often where family and friends gather, homework or school projects happen, and it’s vital to your lifestyle, even if you’re not a culinary wizard. In addition to updating your kitchen to work better for you, no matter how you use it, a kitchen renovation is one of the top renovations that produce ROI and can keep its value for years, with proper maintenance and care. 

We will help you discover the answer to this question and more throughout this article. However, we understand that you want answers. While it is difficult to set a price for your kitchen renovation without getting into the details such as evaluating the space, discussing your needs, and completing our quote and planning process – most kitchen renovations cost between 18-25% of your home’s value.

Ballpark estimated kitchen renovation costs

That means, if your home’s value is $350,000 – your kitchen renovation cost will usually come in the ballpark of $65,000–$85,000. If your home’s value is $500,000 – you may want to set your kitchen renovation budget in the mid-to-high $80k mark, and upwards.

Kitchen renovation cost chart

However, keep in mind, these costs are merely ballpark estimations. Until you’ve had an estimator come to your home and discuss your kitchen project with you, the actual renovation cost is unknown.

Why can’t you quote my kitchen renovation without seeing it?

As we alluded to earlier, each kitchen renovation is unique, and thus the cost to renovate your kitchen will not be the same as your neighbour or family member.

Many factors go into what the cost of your renovation will be, but some of the top influencers in the price are:

  • Age, style, and construction of your home – which can dictate what and how we’re able to complete your renovation
  • Materials you want to use as part of your kitchen renovation – everything from paint, flooring, tile, cabinets, and more
  • How your family will use the kitchen space as a list of requirements – the result must function based on your needs now and in the future

Your kitchen renovation cost is ultimately based on these primary factors, and many other things related to your selected materials, the space you have to work with, and your budget for the project.

What considerations should you make when putting together a kitchen renovation budget?

Along with covering the general estimated costs for the various parts of your kitchen renovation below, we’ll take you through some of our most common considerations and tips to help your kitchen renovation come in at a budget you’re comfortable with.

Cost considerations before you start your kitchen renovation

You have personal preferences and a unique style. As part of your kitchen project, those should be reflected. For example, some clients prefer granite over quartz, they want to use custom tile flooring instead of luxury vinyl plank, or they want the “wow” factor of a specific backsplash tile or pattern.

We can help you achieve all of your unique kitchen renovation requests, but as part of every project, we will help guide you to the best decision through recommendations. Some of these recommendations are:

  • Staying within a specific set of materials according to your home’s value to maximize your renovation ROI and to ensure you’re not pricing your home out of the housing market’s value for your neighbourhood
  • Providing our team with clear and concise feedback as early as possible throughout the quoting, project planning, and interior design steps
  • When you have changes to your plan after we start the project, please be open and transparent early on, as some changes can be included or the plan can be modified to ensure you are getting what you want
  • Removal of a wall will add a significant amount to your costs, especially if the wall is structural or load-bearing

Ways to help lower your kitchen renovation cost

Sweat equity can be a great way for you to help lower costs for your kitchen project. However, we understand it’s not for everyone. Some of the common ways to get the cost down are:

  • Completing your kitchen demolition and preparing the space to renovate
  • Working with our interior designer directly, rather than hiring a third-party interior design company. Our team can get very creative with solutions to your interior design dilemmas. As well, the transfer of information between our team members will be greater than another company relaying details to us
  • Giving us all of the information about your home, your renovation project, and your expectations up front and as early as possible 
  • Use less expensive materials that fit within the market range for your home – and just because the materials are less expensive, it does not mean you’ll be sacrificing quality or durability 

Now, let’s get to the various areas of your kitchen renovation, along with the ballpark cost range for each area.

Kitchen renovation cost by item, area, or construction process

We’ll walk you through the common parts of your kitchen renovation and the associated costs for each item.

Interior design and planning for your kitchen

As the first step to our design-build renovation process, we’ll start with our interior design services for kitchens. For most homes, this cost is in the range of $3,000–$6,000. The range in price can be due to special requests, advanced storage or organization solutions, sourcing of specific materials, and sometimes the size and space of your project itself.

Kitchen demolition

Once we’ve agreed to an interior design plan, we get the project rolling with demolition. Your kitchen demolition can range between $3,000-$5,000. However, this is one renovation step in which you can save budget via a DIY demolition. For convenience, we still have a bin dropped on-site for you if you choose to do this yourself.

Kitchen renovation cost: Wall removal, drywall, and other initial construction items

When your space is ready to be transformed after demolition, we complete the structural changes necessary to renovate according to plan. That includes things like wall removal, beam installation, and passing engineering inspection and requirements. The costs of this item vary greatly, depending on the structure of your home, but commonly it falls in the range of $10,000–$25,000.

Kitchen renovation cost: Plumbing, electrical, and permits

In addition to the construction items, your home’s renovation may require the movement of plumbing and electrical. With your project, the cost of this is usually included in the construction above. As well, all permits that are required to complete your renovation are pulled by our team and included in your quote.

Kitchen renovation cost: Custom cabinetry and handles

Your cabinetry is usually the biggest expense when renovating or a close second to the construction items. Kitchen cabinetry expense depends on many factors like material, style, finish, and other details like the amount of cabinetry needed to fill the space, but your cost will likely be $15,000–$30,000, which includes installation by our team.

Kitchen renovation cost: Countertops

Our interior designer will explain the differences in materials – for example: granite, quartz, or others, give you options for cost and help you decide on a countertop that will complement the rest of your kitchen renovation. The cost includes installation but is a wide range as it depends on the surface area. Your kitchen renovation cost for countertops will likely fall between $6,000–$12,000.

Kitchen renovation cost: Flooring

Flooring is one of the things that is easy to extend into the rest of your living space. Often, our kitchen renovation work goes beyond the kitchen as we attempt to address any height variation from room to room in your home with sub-floor thickness. For your kitchen renovation cost planning, you’ll want to set aside between $3,000–$5,000 in most situations.

Appliances for your completed kitchen renovation

Your appliances aren’t included in your renovation costs. Like most things, there is a wide range in costs and it all depends on your preferences. As part of your renovation, our team can make recommendations for appliances, as we need to know the dimensions of what you have or are purchasing. 

But ultimately, your appliance budget is up to you. We’ve seen some homeowners get a four-appliance set (range, range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher) for $4,000–$5,000 or spend $5,000 or more on just a stovetop, oven, or refrigerator alone.

Kitchen renovation cost: Lighting

Potlights, a chandelier, pendant lighting, under-cabinetry lighting, and accent lights can vary in cost, but for your kitchen renovation, you’ll likely be in the range of $1,000–$3,000.

Kitchen renovation cost: Sinks, faucets, accessories

Most quality brands for sinks and faucets will be in the ballpark of $1,000-$1,500. But, for example, if you want a cast iron farmhouse-style sink, they typically start at $2,000 and require custom cabinetry acclimation.

Most accessories and miscellaneous items can come up based on your style, but we recommend a budget of $1,000-$2,000 for the average kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovation cost: Paint

Then finally, paint. Similar to flooring, it can be difficult to have an endpoint, which is why many kitchen renovations also encompass the dining or living area. We use high-quality Benjamin Moore Aura paint products, for mold and moisture damage resistance. With your budget, forecast the paint in a range between $1,000–$2,000.

As you’ve witnessed, the range for some items “ultimately depends” on many factors. Until we’ve been in your home and discussed your project with you, what your kitchen renovation cost will be is unknown.

The good news is that having us quote your kitchen renovation is an easy and enjoyable process. It starts with you simply relaying the basic details to our team through our quote request form. Our team will then follow up with you at a time that is convenient for you, to discuss your kitchen renovation project further. At your appointment, our estimation team will be prepared to talk about costs, budget, timeline, materials, and process, or answer any other questions you may have.

At that point, your renovation estimator will be able to provide you with a detailed quote covering your kitchen renovation costs in an easy-to-understand project outline.

Why might we be more expensive than other renovation companies for kitchen renovations, and why?

When any company comes to your home to quote your kitchen renovation, be aware of how they collect information. If very few questions are asked, chances are that the company will have missed something in their quote. When we come to your home, we ask several questions and take precise measurements. 

We do this as it leads to fewer surprises later in the project. Through my experience as a Certified Master Renovator, I believe that more questions at the beginning of a renovation translate to an overall smoother renovation project. Often, the price you receive in your quote from us ends up being very close to the final cost. However, with other renovation companies, the total cost can increase by 25% or more, simply due to missing information at the beginning of your project.

You’ve likely heard of a slew of economic changes in materials used in construction and rising costs of everything, including paint, lumber, fuel, and other raw materials. We believe in paying our employees a fair wage, and in return, they give us their best every day – and the result of their effort is reflected in the work they do in your home.

Where is Hammerdown’s kitchen renovation pricing compared to other home contractors?

While home renovation costs are climbing – they should be up across the industry. Any renovator offering a much lower price will come at a much lower quality – through materials, craftsmanship, or both.

Many of our clients inform us that we’re in the midfield price range when involved in a competitor situation with other reputable home renovation companies in Winnipeg. We feel good about that based on the quality we provide to our clients.

Ready to receive a kitchen renovation quote from us?

For your kitchen project quote, reach the team at Hammerdown via phone at 204.793.0500 or via our contact us form. We’ll ensure we’re getting all the details we need to give you an accurate price for your kitchen renovation, and we look forward to talking with you soon!