When you decide to renovate a bathroom in your home it can be a transformative experience for your home and your life. However, even if you’re just in the early stages of planning, you’re likely wondering how much does a bathroom renovation cost for your Winnipeg home?

Now, there can likely be many reasons to want to complete a bathroom renovation. Your bathroom may need an upgrade in functionality. Perhaps, your bathroom looks drab or was previously renovated with lower-grade materials. It’s possible that your bathroom’s design aesthetic doesn’t match your current style. Your bathroom renovation need could be more urgent, such as a renovation to an accessible, barrier-free bathroom. If your bathroom has a mold problem or water damage you may need to act sooner than later for the health and safety of your family.

No matter the reason for your renovation, the results should satisfy your requirements for your bathroom today and in the future. It’s important to envision how you’ll live in your home 5-, 10-, or 20- years later.

Ballpark estimated bathroom renovation costs

Let’s get down to business and answer the question at hand “how much will your bathroom renovation cost in Winnipeg?” In short, there is no easy answer to estimate the costs before we see your home and bathroom.

Furthermore, unlike the equation we used in our kitchen renovation costs article, there is no reliable formula we can use, based on your home’s market value to predict the ball budget of your bathroom renovation. Here’s why:

  • Bathrooms typically have a massive amount of functionality packed into smaller square footage when compared to the other, much larger spaces in your home
  • Secondly, an ensuite bathroom and your guest bathroom can be similar in size – but in most jobs we encounter, the homeowner wants much more work to occur in the space they are going to use the most (makes sense to us 🙂 )
  • Finally, a bathroom renovation has a much wider range of materials and finishes that can cause the price to maintain the average or to increase dramatically

One of the primary culprits of large price increases is found in the tiled shower area of the bathroom. A “custom tiled, barrier-free show with a bench and niche” can easily increase the budget required by $10,000 or more than your “still very accommodating and simplified tiled tub surround.”

Typically speaking – and these aren’t hard/fast rules – but when you’re planning to renovate one of your common area bathrooms, you’ll be in the vicinity of $25,000 all in. That moves up to the high-twenty/low-thirty mark for the main bathroom. When it comes to a spacious, luxurious ensuite with some bells and whistles, it can climb to $40,000 quite quickly.

Estimate your bathroom renovation costs between $25,000-$40,000.  Popular options are a bathtub with tile surround versus a custom tiled shower with a bench and soap niche.

However, keep in mind, these costs are merely ballpark estimations. Until you’ve had an estimator come to your home and discuss your bathroom project with you, the actual renovation cost is unknown.

Why can’t you quote my bathroom renovation without seeing it?

Many factors go into what the cost of your renovation will be, but some of the top influencers in the price for your bathroom are:

  • Age, style, and construction of your home – which can dictate what and how we’re able to complete your renovation
  • Materials you want to use as part of your bathroom renovation – everything from paint, flooring, cabinets – with tile being a large factor – and more
  • What additional features and amenities do you want as part of your bathroom renovation – heated floors, barrier-free, steam shower, etc.

Your bathroom renovation cost is ultimately based on these primary factors, and many other things related to the labour involved to install the materials select, the space you have to work with, and your budget constraints for the project.

What considerations should you make when putting together a bathroom renovation budget?

To put together a budget for any bathroom, first, you need to know which of your bathrooms you’re renovating – powder, main, guest, ensuite, or basement. You’ll likely want to spend more to upgrade your ensuite to your personal needs and style, and you likely can go more conservative or neutral for the main bathroom in your home.

The good news about wanting more from your bathroom renovation is that’ll return most of your spend in ROI, should you sell, especially if it’s an ensuite. While you can still punch above your home’s market value in terms of features and products used, it is less of a concern when renovating your bathroom (although, it can happen).

Spa-like bathroom renovation with full size bathtub and walk-in shower with plants and tile surround

How can you help lower the costs of your bathroom renovation

Sweat equity can be a great way for you to help lower costs for your bathroom project, but if you’re keen on a DIY solution, you’re likely not reading this article! Some of the common ways to get the cost down are:

  • Completing your bathroom demolition and preparing the space to renovate
  • Using our interior designer to design your bathroom renovation. While it is an additional cost, we are assuming you’re going to hire someone to design the space. The benefit to us doing so is the communication between our team will naturally be better than if a third party is involved – even if they are expert communicators
  • Giving us all of the information about your home, your renovation project, and your expectations up front and as early as possible 
  • While less of a concern, using materials within your home’s market value is still a factor. Along with that most bathrooms are very active spaces, so using durable, quality materials will save you additional repairs and wear/tear in the long run

We’ve covered a ton of information around pricing so far – I hope you’re keeping up! We’re able to break down the various components of your bathroom renovation cost with budgets, so get ready for more.

Bathroom renovation cost by item, area, or construction process

Here are the things that are common across most bathroom projects and should make your bathroom budget bottom line.

Walk-in shower with wide white subway tile and black accents

Bathroom renovation cost: Interior design and planning

Our interior designer is adept at working with bathroom spaces small or big. Having an eye for blending colours, textures, and finishes, interior design can take your bathroom to the next level. With every job, we create full construction drawings with elevations. With detailed planning, we also eliminate most questions from trades – allowing your bathroom renovation to be on a budget and on time with more accuracy.

Along with the added benefit of our detailed drawings, you’ll have a real sense of what your new bathroom will look like before we even start demolition. For most bathroom renovations, the cost of our interior design services falls into the $3,000-$5,000 range. 

Bathroom renovation cost: Bathroom demolition

Speaking of demolition, before you can start using the new, we’ll need to address the old. We’ll usually require a budget between $2,000-$3,000 to fully demolish any bathroom. However, with some sweat equity, this is one of the areas in which our customers choose to save money, by completing the bathroom demolition themselves. The decision is yours!

Bathroom renovation cost: Wall removal, drywall, etc. (construction items)

We rarely encounter load-bearing wall removal when renovating a bathroom. However, there may be some wall and spacing work we do in your bathroom, but the cost of that is nominal.

Bathroom renovation cost: Plumbing, electrical, and permits

We may encounter plumbing and electrical work when renovating your bathroom. Plumbing will likely be in the range of $1,200-$2,500. An electrician can have a bit more range – as it’ll depend on the work being completed. The range is anywhere from $300 to $2,000 and the cost can be even higher if, for example, we’re adding in-floor heating to a second level ensuite bathroom.

As part of our renovation services, we pull all permits and take care of all inspections for all projects. For a bathroom renovation, the cost will be around $300 in most cases.

Bathroom renovation cost: Custom cabinetry, shelving, vanity and other bathroom storage solutions

Floor to ceiling custom cabinetry and under sink storage

When it comes to bathroom storage – there’s never enough! But, with your new bathroom, we’ll help you discover innovative solutions to storage. Custom closets, under-sink cabinets, “not your average” medicine cabinetry, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and much more are all possible – it’s dependent on how much space you have to work with. Our interior designer is quite creative in using even the most oddly shaped space effectively.

Due to the dependence on the “amount of ‘storage’,” a bathroom renovation will have our cost range can be anywhere from $1,500-$6,000 or more. It depends on the space.

Bathroom renovation cost: Countertops

There are lots of options to choose from. As part of our job, we’ll educate you on the various materials, make recommendations, and help you choose what’s going to be right for your bathroom and lifestyle. We typically find that the price range for countertops in a bathroom renovation is between $1,200-$3,000.

Bathroom renovation cost: Flooring

We work with luxury vinyl tile or plank often. Like most material-based components, we guide you to help pick the best for you – whether that’s a focus on design, quality, durability, or any other factor. Just like our kitchen renovation services, we put every effort into achieving an even height variation so that the elevation is the same as your adjacent spaces.

We’ve also worked with other tile materials for the floor. Because of the wide range of materials, the price ranges between $1,000-$2,500, with the largest factor in that equation being the material you select.

Now, since we live in Winnipeg we must mention heated bathroom floors. It feels so good, like a spa in your own home. Maybe it’s in reach at $2,500-plus (depending on size) – think about it. There are many options for programmable thermostats with “tough screens” – so you don’t even need to turn on your floors, they are heated for you just right, and just in time, every time.

Bathroom renovation cost: Toilets, sinks & faucets

We’ve seen recent trends with homeowners wanting their toilets to have more bells and whistles than their cars (I kid). For most projects a quality toilet starts at $450 – however, a Toto toilet with a heated seat and heated water bidet can climb to a $2,000 price tag.

Dual sink vanity with double faucets for his and her and a tiled shower with custom soap niche

For most of the bathroom renovations we do for our customers, a sink and faucet will generally start around $250 each. And, of course, double that if you’re your ensuite bathroom includes his and her vanity.

Bathroom renovation cost: Custom tile shower areas

As I mentioned, custom tile work is often where the biggest range can be for your bathroom renovation’s price. For example, a tiled bathtub surround will be around the $2,500 mark. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a walk-in shower, with custom glass doors, niche shelving, sit-down bench and you’re looking at the range of $15,000-$25,000 now.

Large walk-in custom tiled shower with bench and edge-to-edge shower niche

Besides our skillset when it comes to installing custom tile showers, we use superior products. Nearly all of our projects use Schluter System shower waterproofing products for your bathroom renovation – a product that I hold in high regard and have installed in my home. We also use acrylic or epoxy grouts which is leaps and bounds better than “old school” sanded grout. If you’ve been fearful of tile and grout for your bathroom, this is the answer. Acrylic grout does not shrink, crack, or discolour, and it doesn’t require sealing.

We hope you agree with us – that our custom tiling work is second-to-none, as we take pride in the craftsmanship and skill we bring to every bathroom project.

Bathroom renovation cost: Bathtub

We will never recommend installing an entry-level bathtub as they are often very thin and start to flex. The movement will cause squeaking and damage to the other finishes in your bathroom. Plus, the material they are surfaced with is more difficult to clean. We work with bathtubs in the $700-$2,000 (depending on tub style) usually.

Bathroom renovation cost: Shower kit

Many of the parts found in your bathroom can be grouped into two categories – entry-level products and quality products. Since your shower kit will be used every day and is installed on your wall, we always recommend that you opt for quality over entry-level as the latter has cheap internal parts that can often leak or fail in just a few years.

While quality can cost you a starting price of $1,200 and upwards, it will save on future repair and hassle. And, like the toilet, some of our clients like to put their budget into more advanced features like a steam system, which, of course, will increase the budget required.

Bathroom renovation cost: Lighting

Most of our bathroom renovations will feature wall-mounted light fixtures which will run from $200 up to $600 for LED fixtures. Of course, if you’re looking to add impact lighting we can install anything for you.

A hanging LED chandelier in the bathroom above the bathtub for impact

Bathroom renovation cost: Accessories

While some bathrooms have many accessories, for your typical bathroom you’re looking at toilet paper holders and towel racks – for around $400. If accessibility features like grab bars are required, they often start at $200 each.

Bathroom renovation cost: Paint

We use high-quality Benjamin Moore Aura paint products, for mold and moisture damage resistance. The painting cost for your bathroom renovation will be in the neighbourhood of $500-$800.

That was quite the list! While you’re likely overloaded with information, we feel it’s important for you to have these facts as you make your buying decision.

The good news is that having us quote your bathroom renovation is an easy and enjoyable process. Just head over to our contact us page and complete our request for a quote form. Our team will then follow up with you at a time that is convenient for you, to discuss your bathroom renovation project and schedule your estimation appointment. Then, at your appointment, our team will be prepared to talk about costs, budget, timeline, materials, and process, or answer any other questions you may have.

Why might we be more expensive than other renovation companies for bathroom renovations, and why?

We covered some of the reasons above why our bathroom renovation cost that we quote might end up being more expensive than the other guys, but we’ll offer a short recap.

  • When it comes to custom tiling we deliver craftsmanship that isn’t easily matched
  • We source and know how to effectively install products that are of higher quality

Also, you’ve likely heard of a slew of economic changes in materials used in construction and rising costs of everything, including paint, lumber, fuel, and other raw materials. We believe in paying our employees a fair wage, and in return, they give us their best every day – and the result of their effort is reflected in the work they do in your home.

But, where is our bathroom renovation pricing compared to other home contractors?

While home renovation costs are climbing – they should be up across the industry. Any renovator offering a much lower price will come at a much lower quality – through materials, craftsmanship, or both.

Dual vanity his and her space separated with a deep soaker tub, looking out over the backyard

We typically are found to be a mid-field contracting company in terms of price by our customers. You’ll, of course, want to compare apples to apples – if we quote an ensuite with some great features versus a guest bathroom, our price is guaranteed to be more. But comparably speaking, if you were to get the same type of bathroom renovated with the same quality materials we use, the price will likely be quite similar.

We encourage any prospect we are talking with to dig into any quote we give them and ask questions – we have the answers. Can you say that about others?

Ready to receive a bathroom renovation quote from us?

For your bathroom project quote, reach the team at Hammerdown via phone at 204.793.0500 or via our contact us form. We’ll ensure we’re getting all the details we need to give you an accurate price for your bathroom renovation, and we look forward to talking with you soon!